Thursday, 30 September 2010

Cobwebs in the wrong place

The first foggy morning of the autumn - lovely for photographing cobwebs. When I came to use the car I found the windscreen on the inside dripping with condensation which showed up several large cobwebs draped over the dashboard and seats. I don't think I have ever cleaned the inside of my car, let alone the outside!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Autumn is my favourite time of year especially with the sun shining on the new plough. I have never seen this herringbone pattern before - have you?

Friday, 17 September 2010

One Must Laugh At Oneself

We have just come back from a holiday in Sidmouth. We had great difficulty in reaching our hotel due to road closures to enable The Round Britain Cycle Race to whizz through. However we made it to the hotel and immediately ventured out to view the great race.

There seemed to be an enormous number of people using sticks, zimmers etc - Husband looked very out of place!

We stationed ourselves at a tight bend in the road which we hoped was a tricky place for the cyclists to negotiate at speed. The actual cyclists were bunched together and flashed past in an instant - it was the police and race officials that provided the spectacle. For every cyclist there must have been three or four uniformed motor cycle riders, vans advertising the charity which the race was supporting, officious officials in high viz jackets and a spagetti of cars with spare cycles on roof racks - it was a bit of a let down!

For the rest of the holiday we enjoyed good weather. I followed Husband around Axcliffe golf course on my crutches - a bad move really. The cliffs were precipitous - I could climb up but had great difficulty on the down slopes. We spent an afternoon with a good friend of mine who lives fairly near Sidmouth which was very enjoyable.

We are home now - immediately in work mode - I am just about to peg up the washing!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Slight Improvement

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but not much! We came second last at the monthly village pub quiz. As is the custom the Quizmaster handed out the 'booby prize' to the team that came last - drat we just missed it - what bad luck! At the end of the proceedings the Quizmaster asked our team whether we had enjoyed the film DVD's (those which come free within newspapers) which we had won as the 'booby prize' the time before - we had to confess we had not looked at one of them! This is one of the reasons we often come last in the quiz - we do not look at many films on TV and there are many questions on films, tv soaps, cartoons and pop music. Us oldies are hopeless at those kind of questions! The Quizmaster upon hearing of our lack of uptake of the films suggested we gave them back to him so that he could use them again as a future 'booby prize'. The trouble is (yes, you might have guessed it already) we might be lumbered with them back again!! Never mind, Quizmaster, we love your quiz and always have a fun evening!