Friday, 27 July 2012

A Narrow Squeak!

I have been looking forward to watching the Olympics.  We have put up with a TV that has a horrible brown smear over a third of the screen for about nine months. Yesterday we passed the TV shop in Cirencester and somehow we just drifted in - as you do!!  We came out with a brand new TV - so we were looking forward to watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Disaster - this morning we had a power cut.  According to our electricity supplier there had been a nasty emergency with power lines catching fire at a farm near us.  The chap I spoke to was rather gloomy about reconnection times.   I urged them to "hurry up" and fix it before tonight.   I received a slapped wrist for not worrying about potential injuries -  quite right too.   Happily the power is now back on - phew!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

I had a little chuckle

I am always awake very early in the morning and usually turn on Radio 4 until it is time to get up.  Yesterday I was very amused to hear during the horse racing results that "Usain Colt" had been successful!!!