Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What a Laugh!

Last week we found a case of wine on our doorstep delivered via Virgin.  Husband said it that must be a birthday present from Tim, our son, arrived early.  Last year Tim kindly gave Husband wine delivered via Virgin.  Usually Tim is late regarding birthday presents.  We unpacked it and noticed what nice wine Tim had given us.

We wrote an email thanking Tim for his present.  An email came flying back.  It was not husband's birthday present, Virgin had delivered it to us because last year the delivery was to us!  Tim lives in London so there was no way  the wine was going to be transported there  in the new future!!  All is not lost - Tim and family are spending the day with us on husband's birthday in August which happens to be the same day as my brother's wife who lives in Australia.  But this year my brother and wife are in England visiting us and we are having a joint birthday party.

We all had a good laugh!