Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Another Happy Snappy Snap!

See previous post. Today it was Husband's turn to cram himself in the photo booth. The Passport Office rang today rejecting his passport photos because he was wearing glasses. (We had previously had a discussion about his glasses - so I could say "I told you so"!).

The trouble is Husband really cannot see very much without his glasses so I was called upon to push the green button and quickly remove my hand from sight! All this was achieved quite satisfactorily. Upon seeing the resulting photo I let out a very loud laugh which definitely unsettled the man behind us waiting his turn! I fear the Passport Office may reject this new photograph to be nothing like the photo (with glasses) they have already on file! Oh well - we will wait and see.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Photo Booth for Midgets

I am not that tall, really I am not, about 5ft 11inches and I must admit my feet are huge for a member of the female species. I did not expect to have difficulties in having my photo taken in one of the Post Office photo booths in order to renew my Blue Badge parking disc.

My knees do not bend happily over about 75 degrees but even if they had, my feet would hardly have crammed between the seat and the wall - I can tell you it was no joke. In the end after many contortions I skewed my body around and stuck my legs and feet beyond the curtain into the main passage of the Post Office hoping that nobody in the queue for stamps would trip over me!

The resulting photo is decidedly weird, my head looks square! Oh well, I hope the Blue Badge people are not as strict as the Passport Office!

Saturday, 9 October 2010