Thursday, 31 July 2008

Back On The Web

Wired up at last after four days of solitude (lightning strike) - but have been occupied taking photos of the steam engines trailing through our village in preparation for the steam rally at Kemble. We have kept the front door wide open so that we can hear them coming. Once or twice our house has been filled with the smell of old fashioned coal!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Lightning Strike

Am using a neighbour's computer. Lightning strike on Monday and many broadband users in this village are down despite using different ISP's. I seem to be unlucky as I am the last one in the line to go down. The village Post office is unable to use any of their equipment. I shall have a rant about ISP's now!

Although all the ISP's must have known of the lightning strikes - much of the midlands had broadband disruption - they are proving difficult to negotiate with. Virgin made me (with my wonky knees) crawl under my desk and unscrew the baseplate of the telephone connection to our house! A neighbour of mine had already produced a new modem and ASDL filter to prove that the problem was not mine alone.

Coming back from swimming today I stopped at our post office and there was a big burly man in a headscarf, earings and tattoos trying to sort out their connection. I asked if he had any clout with BT to just get one single engineer out and sort out our problems - it would save a lot of the villagers trying to convince the ISP's it is not just a single domestic problem.

OFCOM here we come! Oh drat - I do not have an internet connection at home to find out their address! OFCOM just you wait - Rural Villager will be at your throat!

See you soon all blogger friends!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Three to a Bed

Rescue Dog spent the heat of the day in his basket. He chose two of his cuddly bunny friends to join him - I reckon it became a bit hot in there - too close for comfort I'd say!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Aint It Hot

Lovely - all thoughts of those depressing grey windy days have gone away. . . . . . . .for now!

Sunsets Still Something Special

We have been sitting at the end of our garden each evening this week and watching the night sky panorama unfold. The view has been really lovely.

Friday, 25 July 2008

These two old boilers seem to be ????

talking about another old boiler! I expect by now they will have their act together for next week's show at Kemble.

A lot of old boilers will be steaming through our village during the coming week as they head towards their destination. With their puffing and rattling we can hear them coming - the camera will be at the ready!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Balloons and BBQ

Lovely day here yesterday. In the evening we sat at the end of our garden enjoying a BBQ. As if by magic we had a flying display to entertain us. First it was three jets aerobatically flying the skies and then a trio of balloons drifted by - a slight huffing and puffing of their gas cylinders was all that could be heard.

Suddenly a huffing and puffing of a different kind - from Rescue Dog. We had blown up a balloon to fill out our 'Waspinator' - it had been discarded and Rescue Dog was having fun - I think he must have known about balloons in his previous life - he pranced and danced around nosing the balloon - the inevitable happened - it burst!

A 'Waspinator' is a fairly new invention - made of some kind of cloth that is coloured to look like a wasp's nest. When puffed out - hence the balloon - it can be hung up and the idea is that wasps think it is an enemy colony and keep well away. As Husband is an anaphalactic (spelling?) we thought we would try it out. The instructions suggestion was to fill out waspinator with a balloon but we found scrunching up newspaper does the trick much better.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Husband is Drying His ?????

Onions. The veg plot, in it's second year is doing well. We have not bought any vegetables for the past two months. We have been eating spring cabbage and loads of broad beans as well as salad from the plot. To the left of photo in the greenhouse there are two cucumber plants and on the floor tomato plants. We are looking forward to runner beans to replace the broad ones which were getting a bit tough in their old age (just like the pair of us wrinklies).

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Night Sky Theatre

There is no better place than the view from our back garden - especially a good sunset like last night. It was so beautiful.

I grabbed the camera and took up a good position in the field - avoiding all cowpats. I think I took over 40 shots. These two photos have been quickly uploaded. I shall look forward, after my morning swim, to viewing the rest and weeding out the not so good ones.

Fun To Read = Fun to Write

Many thanks to Hadriana for her kind award. I must say I am having fun posting (can hardly call it writing) on my blog and of course thanks to all the bloggers who call in!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Mum's Oil Painting - My Toys

My Mother loved painting in oils - this is the picture she did for me of some of my favourite toys. She also painted one for my brother Jamie. His picture now resides with him in Australia. Perhaps in a couple of days Jamie might be able to show his picture on his blog. My favourite in that picture is 'Corn Flakes' - he is the knitted object. My Granny knitted him for me from a pattern appearing, obviously, on the back of a corn flakes packet! However Granny somehow managed to not quite understand the pattern - hence the rather large head and thin body. I am very very sad to say that Corn Flakes was stolen from my room when I was a student nurse at The Middlesex Hospital, many many moons ago, along with my purse. One of the books is titled 'Moorland Mousie' - a story of an Exmoor pony - it had wonderful pen and ink drawings. My mother declined from adding to the picture - cowboy hats etc etc which were also my favourite things. I had no dolls!!! Perhaps Jamie's picture has some cowboy hats - maybe you will find out.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Good Good Husband

We decided to dispose of a waist high corner cupboard - triangular shaped. To anyone geometrically inclined, they will realise that square or rectangular boxes will not use up the space efficiently in this cupboard.

Husband bought a flat-pack and was busily employed in the garage fitting it together - I left him alone. Eureka - about an hour later the job was done. Previous to this we had bought a similar flat-pack of the same design but smaller. On that occasion I helped Husband put it together and it took over four hours to do the job! So I must surmise that men at work should be left completely alone.

The photo on the new chest of drawers is of Abraham my first horse. He was a 14.2 thickset cob and carried me and my Wonky Knees safely for about 5 years.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

What a lovely ??????

I thought the female members of the blogosphere would enjoy this picture for the weekend!

Kemble steam rally takes place in two weeks time - I love it! My brother-in-law and wife have restored an old Daimler belonging to Husband's father and the car has been entered in the classic car section. Not sure, but I think the car must be 40 years old. This will be its first outing since restoration and we will keep our fingers crossed it arrives here carrying John and Sarah to our house from Cambridge. Then it will be a couple of days of picnic hampers etc whilst I ride Supatrike around the old steam engines hoping to catch more photos like this. I might get a steam up all of my own!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Another Joke (but not rude)

This joke was told to us by one of Husband's golfing friends who came to our BBQ last week. I think it is rather funny and simple to remember!

How many ears does Davy Crockett have?

He has three

One left ear
One right ear
and one Wild Front'ear'

My Son MIT

'Mit' carved his name in a little wooden chair we bought him when he was about 5 years old. Husband and I still use words in every day speech that our son used in his childhood, including:


Thursday, 17 July 2008

Grey Day - Bright Picture

Rescue Dog says he looks bright and intelligent in this picture of our front garden which is in its second year. Jamie will not see such colour when he comes to visit us from Australia in November.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Perfect Picnic

We decided to go for a picnic today near the River Windrush at Little Barrington. We drove down a quiet narrow steep little lane towards the river. The lane was lined with perfect little cotswold cottages - I noticed these stone ducks on a window sill.

We parked our car at the end of the lane near a footbridge that spanned the river and settled down. Rescue dog immediately spied a new friend who obviously resided in the cottage nearest to the bridge. Talk about Little and Large!

Our picnic consisted of quiche, cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, strawberries and cream swilled down with Ginger Beer! We relaxed to the sound of the river and the wind rustling the leaves of the trees. It was extremely peaceful. Loud laughter was heard and two anglers hove into view. We asked them what was so funny - one of men replied he had just heard a rather dirty joke, not to be repeated - so I told them the ocelot joke (see my last post) - there was more loud laughter! The fishermen wandered off and peace was restored.

The friendly St. Bernard sat and watched us quietly from his vantage point - he was obviously not amused!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Slightly Rude Joke told by 90 year old Dad

Dad saw this joke in a magazine - (goodness knows what periodicals they provide in his care home)! Husband and I found it rather amusing!

To titilate an ocelot
oscilate it's tits a lot

Hello Me!

The Eccentric Villager surprised me this morning! Some would say I am just a dummy photographing another dummy. However it amused me especially as I had a very bad night's sleep and was feeling very jaded - in fact I nearly did not bother to get Supatrike out and ride round to have a look!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

The Rain Did Not Dampen Our Spirits

The golfers arrived in the right kit of course - they are used to wandering the fairways most of the year in the rain anyway! We controlled the weather beautifully - enough dry to quaff our Pimms outside and then when the heavens opened back into the kitchen. As you can see Rescue Dog really does enjoy a photo shoot - he always places himself in front of the lens (I think the sausages had something to do with this as well). A good time was had by all. The last to leave flattened a pot of geraniums in the porch (his nickname is Kipper Feet) so what else to except!

Friday, 11 July 2008

Husband has dropped me in it . . . . . . . .


Husband and I share a desk diary. I noticed a few days ago there was a very scribbled entry for today which read 'golf'. I assumed this meant Husband was playing golf - as you would.

I am informed this morning that no - he is not playing golf - we are hosting his golf buddies and their wives to a BBQ which I think will actually be occurring in the rain!

I once cured Husband of hanging his suit on my wardrobe door (why not his own side) by placing a coathanger or other uncomfortable objects in his side of the bed every time the above mentioned suit appeared hanging on my wardrobe door. This certainly worked! I shall now be hatching up a cunning plan to try and cure husband of leaving me in the dark over social engagements.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Double Trouble!

I thank DD for this very weighty looking trophy to add to my other award today. I feel honoured that other people can be bothered to read my thoughts. It struck me that I am exactly the opposite of this trophy which depicts a beautiful elegant woman in a ballgown (forget the wings). I never ever wear a dress, and have huge huge feet , so I am neither elegant in dress or eloquent with words. But thanks everyone for all your comments etc.

I pass on this award to my brother just because he is . To Hadriana , Pebbledash , 60goingon16 and The Lurchers because they include posts which are sometimes funny, sometimes serious and sometimes sad and they all include lovely photos.

What a Surprise - A Prize!

This award has zoomed over cyberspace to me fromNuts in May - thanks a million!

Don't know what to say really except I was inspired to start my own blog not very long ago after reading some really interesting material and lovely photos from all you bloggers out there!

I would like to pass this over to Just Another Day on the Prairie . I found this via a farmblog directory just a few days ago. Take a look - the photos are amazing. Of course being a tomboy I would love to be out on the range with the cowboys!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hairdresser Horror Story

I have to thank Cheshire Wife and her post today 'Crowning Glory' that has jogged my memory!

This horror story happened about 21 years ago. My son and I had been to the same hairdresser for about 10 years and I thought the hairdresser knew our family well. Son was at his last term at public school where he was Deputy Head of School, Cricket Captain etc etc etc. He had a few days between exams and so came home mid-week. Son, who was 18 (I think) at the time, wandered off to hairdresser. Son asked hairdresser for a hair-cut a bit more unusual than normal - big mistake!

Son arrived home - I was speechless with anger! Son had a sort of mohican/hedgehog appearance on top, bald sides and a trellis work effect at the back. This boy had to go back to school and captain a cricket side! Pre-empted situation by ringing up school and Son was allowed back just for the cricket but had to wear a sun-hat jammed on his head!

I rang up hairdresser and apportioned half the blame on him - he knew the strict regulations of haircuts at schools in those days. I told him I would never ever enter his shop again - and I haven't! (Might have very long hair by now)???

Rescue Dog says . . . . . .

hope I am not mistaken for this doorstop which has invaded our house!

This hessian canine arrived to 'guard' our front door - I think my mummy rescued him from a display stand where garden and kitchen ware
are sold.

I hope he does not eat all my biscuit treats!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Cows Have Gone . . . . . . . . .

back down to the farm for their TB testing. The field at the back of our garden is now deserted. In fact the field looks like a desert - the remaining grass is flattened and brown with spikey skeletons of thistles. I miss the cows constant gentle movement, the metronomic swishing of tails, flicking of ears, the calves keeping close to their mothers but occasionally having a frisky moment with a friend. I hope they will grace us with their presence later on in the year. Rescue Dog probably thinks different he is frightened of cows (spiders also).

Monday, 7 July 2008

The Centre of the Universe

You might spy a mouse on my desk. Last year Husband attended computer classes at the local college. He so called 'practiced' at home - his manipulation of the mouse was hilarious. For the 'clicking' exercise Husband's hand was removed
high above the poor little rodent and a finger waveringly stabbed downwards. I really feared the mouse would turn into a rat and bite back. For Christmas Hasband recieved this clockwork mouse as a reminder. Actually Rescue Dog adores it!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Another Lovely Summer's Day?

Rescue Dog was accidentally shut outside for over an hour in the pouring rain. He peered through the sitting room window trying to attract our attention as we read the Sunday papers. His ears were flattened and his eyebrows were drawn in a deep frown. To punish us - once door was opened, he careered around the house evading capture, rainwater flying off his coat as he went. The offer of a biscuit was seen as a peacemaker.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

I detest fly posting - It is an eyesore

This is a boring photo to everyone except Husband and I. This is the view out of one of our kitchen windows. At the AGM of our Parish Council I asked whether or not fly posting was illegal - they agreed that it was. It was suggested that if we thought the posters were an eyesore we could take them down and place them on another pole instead! This telegraph pole and a large number of others in our village are very often plastered with notices about village matters and they are not taken down after the event by the people who put them up in the first place! In our village there are suitable places for posters such as the Parish Council notice board and the village shop. We also receive a very good village newsletter which is the ideal place to advertise forthcoming events.

Yesterday a rash of three posters appeared on this pole and had obviously spread like a bad case of chicken pox to many other telegraph poles. I took the posters down and Supatrike took me around the village as I looked for a suitable alternative place to pin the posters up so that they could germinate. I could not find another pole which had not already caught the infection!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Goodbye to a Gentle Giant

This Bull has lately been residing in the field at the end of our garden. Apparently he was a champion of champions - he was gentle and friendly because he had been handled regularly. A week ago he twisted his back whilst serving a skittish cow. He hobbled around but became very lame and eventually sat down most of the time. The farmer fed and watered him and on hot days us neighbours watered him as well. It was a very humbling experience to watch a truly noble animal relying on us in his last days. Yesterday he was there and then suddenly not there. We miss him.


This is where I take my Wonky Knees most days to try and keep fit. I have stopped participating in the Aqua class (seen here) as I now prefer to swim about 30-40 lengths for the cardiac exercise. Yesterday forgot to collect towel at Reception - I had swimming hat and goggles already in situ - struggled back into my jeans and walked through sitting room and cafe area to main entrance. 'Goodness', said Spa Manager 'Are you ready to swim the channel' !!! I wish!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Pub Quiz Night - not good!

This photo is a calming one - after a hectic night at the local competing in the quiz. 'The Kitchen Gardeners' team were awful - we came second to last. Wrinkly type teams cannot possibly know what Garfield's teddy was called - can they? We had never heard of the Gummy Bears. If you come last you win a bottle of wine and we could not even manage that - we would have done if we had not cheated and sidled up to a young bystander who wrote down some music answers for us! So next time we will not cheat - well - perhaps not!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The most embarrassing thing that I did . . . . .

No photos for this one. About 35 years ago I was divorced and returned home to parents with young son. Joined Dateline. Went out with some very weird men - most of them wished to talk about their previous wives! One I remember had a Bobby Charlton hairstyle, a brown suit (I hate them) and a purple tie which he started wrapping round the steering wheel whilst driving (god knows why). Another chap was 5ft 4ins tall and I am nearing 6ft !

Eventually met a sheep farmer from Scotland - we both got on well and he did his level best to enjoy my interests. One day my Dad said "Don't put your eggs all in one basket" - so I looked at my computer sheet of four names (I had been too shy to make the initial contact) and decided to write to one - but which one - in the end I chose the one with the nicest sounding name! Eventually a letter (full of spelling mistakes) came back from Nice Name including a fab photo and I remember my mum, dad and myself (son eating rusks or something similar) pouring over this photo. The letter said he would drive down from London to see me. Well . . . . . . we hit it off from the moment we met.

Sheep Farmer and Nice Name had different methods of arranging their lives. Sheep Farmer would look at his diary and make a date. Nice Name would just suddenly ring up out of the blue and suggest we should go out that night. The inevitable happened. I had a date fixed with Sheep Farmer one Wednesday night - Wednesday afternoon Nice Name phoned and said he would be with me within the hour! By that time I liked Nice Name better than Sheep Farmer so I did the most terrible thing - I still remain deeply embarrassed.. . . . . . . . . .

I said yes to Nice Name and rang Sheep Farmer and told a whopper - my father had had a severe epileptic fit and had been rushed to hospital. Sheep Farmer said how sorry he was. I proceeded that night to see Nice Name.

The weekend arrived. It was very very hot. We had front door and garden door open to keep a breeze running through the house. All the family were in the garden sunbathing (son must have been toddling around). Doorbell rang and there on the doorstep was Sheep Farmer with a huge bouquet of flowers for me - he could see straight through the house into the garden where my father was in a very healthy condition for someone who had had a severe epileptic fit. Sheep Farmer with downcast eyes left never to be seen again. I later married Nice Name who is now Husband and we live happily ever after.

So Sheep Farmer if you read this blog - I am truly sorry for treating you so shabbily.

Guard Dog?

For last few days, since the cows ate our apple tree and half the compost , we have suggested to Rescue Dog that he takes up position near the remaining apple tree and pretend to be a big fierce guard dog. Now that the strawberries have finished, he having eaten half of them, there is nothing for him to do! His big ears flapped up into the 'radar position' - just as he was thinking he could perhaps look a teensy weensy bit fierce - the cows were taken away into the next field! Whew what a relief for Rescue Dog.