Friday, 11 July 2008

Husband has dropped me in it . . . . . . . .


Husband and I share a desk diary. I noticed a few days ago there was a very scribbled entry for today which read 'golf'. I assumed this meant Husband was playing golf - as you would.

I am informed this morning that no - he is not playing golf - we are hosting his golf buddies and their wives to a BBQ which I think will actually be occurring in the rain!

I once cured Husband of hanging his suit on my wardrobe door (why not his own side) by placing a coathanger or other uncomfortable objects in his side of the bed every time the above mentioned suit appeared hanging on my wardrobe door. This certainly worked! I shall now be hatching up a cunning plan to try and cure husband of leaving me in the dark over social engagements.


Linda said...

Those kind of things really work well as training aids. My husband used to leave his socks everywhere and used toothpicks on the night table. I put the toothpicks in the socks and washed them as usual and just put them away. He quit doing both:)

Liz said...

A cold sausage in the bed maybe? Or would he like that?!