Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Lightning Strike

Am using a neighbour's computer. Lightning strike on Monday and many broadband users in this village are down despite using different ISP's. I seem to be unlucky as I am the last one in the line to go down. The village Post office is unable to use any of their equipment. I shall have a rant about ISP's now!

Although all the ISP's must have known of the lightning strikes - much of the midlands had broadband disruption - they are proving difficult to negotiate with. Virgin made me (with my wonky knees) crawl under my desk and unscrew the baseplate of the telephone connection to our house! A neighbour of mine had already produced a new modem and ASDL filter to prove that the problem was not mine alone.

Coming back from swimming today I stopped at our post office and there was a big burly man in a headscarf, earings and tattoos trying to sort out their connection. I asked if he had any clout with BT to just get one single engineer out and sort out our problems - it would save a lot of the villagers trying to convince the ISP's it is not just a single domestic problem.

OFCOM here we come! Oh drat - I do not have an internet connection at home to find out their address! OFCOM just you wait - Rural Villager will be at your throat!

See you soon all blogger friends!


cheshire wife said...

We do rely on the internet so much now. I bet you feel lost without it.
The lightening strike is, sort of, the price you are paying for all those wonderful sunsets.

Denise said...

Oh this blog is so much up my street, I too am in a rural setting so loved your pictures. Rescue dog has to be my favourite!

Gill - That British Woman said...

Who knew back whenever that the internet would be a vital thing, just like eating and breathing!!!!!

I am taking my laptop on vacation and paying $70 for interent connection, for the two weeks, just so I can keep in touch with people and blog while I am away.........what did you say...addicted.....could be..LOL