Sunday, 29 November 2009


Husband has succumbed to a bout of shingles - I think this is the first time he has been ill since I have known him which must be over 30 years. Anyone who has suffered from this kind of plague will know that it is very painful with nerve pains travelling down the legs etc. I have had to move a rug under his chair as he cannot keep his feet still - the carpet is getting a real beating up! Thank god he has taken himself off to bed for a rest - it is like living with a bag of ferrets!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Tale of the Tatty Teaspoon

When my brother came to stay last year he used to turn his nose up at our washing up arrangments! We seem to keep the same teaspoon in use all day fishing out teabags, stirring coffee etc - I have to admit a bit sloppy really!

Husband suggested we gave ourselves £70.00 and bought our own Christmas presents - the rules were one frivolous present for oneself, one useful and one for the household. We duly entered a shopping mall today (how I hate the places). I managed to buy a cheap puzzle game for the PC and a jersey from Marks to replace the one I got covered in wet paint last week leaning against a wall in the locker room at the swimming pool. As for the present for the household I am still thinking! Husband accomplished his mission within about ten minutes. He bought a 1/2 price book, a red sweater, some garish underpants and guess what - 8 shiny shiny shiny new teaspoons - my brother would be delighted if he ever came to stay again all the way from Oz!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Green and Pleasant Land

This photo is for Rockwallaby who over there in Australia is suffering from dought!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

They Know When I Am There!

I swim regularly at Calcot Spa and used to participate in the Aqua Classes where I made a lot of friends. Now I prefer to swim earlier in the mornings and chug out 30 lengths of crawl. One day last week I had left the swimming a bit late and the aqua class arrived and so I was restricted to the "fast lane". As I swum against the choppy tidal waters of 100 water hog, one of my friends shouted "We knew you were here because of your shoes" !!!! Well - you actually could not miss my shoes because they are so HUGE and I do not put them into my locker, I leave them tidily under the bench. I thought this remark needed a response so I likened the aqua class to the signature picture on BBC One of the hippos that swim round and round in a circle - oh yes, I can see their fat little legs under the water through my goggles. A good time was had by all!

Monday, 16 November 2009

A Blowy Walk

We took advantage of a sunny but very windy day today and took a walk near the village of Ashley. The above photo might be of interest to Hadriana, we park the car just off part of The Fosse Way and wind our way uphill (mostly) to the village of Ashley.

The above photo might be of interest to Gill because she has just taken a very good photo of some fungi! By the way I awarded 8 points out of 10 (see previous post) to Husband who clambered into a bramble strewn ditch to get this photo. His words whilst he was stumbling around were "What I do for you" !!

These next two photos might interest my brother Jamie who this time last year was visiting us from Australia. We used to walk this walk with him. He will recognise the Pigeon Loft (present day and this time last year). This building is now being converted - I do hope the poor pigeons are restored after the building is finished.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Points System

Our new build house boasted a "double garage" - what rot! Perhaps you could park two minis side by side packed like sardines with no way of entering the cars except with a tin opener. Where to park my car? (Naturally Husband bagged the garage for his car ???). We had to pave an area of garden next to the garage to park my trusty Terios.

Well - the next problem was - how good was I at reversing into this space - actually to begin with I was awful. Thank goodness my car is fitted with a reversing beeper otherwise I would have flattened the picket fence behind many many times.

Husband started "awarding me" points out of ten as to how I parked the car. Sometimes he would emerge from our front door gesticulating with his fingers and hands as to how many points I had gained for my latest effort. One day our neighbour passed whilst this ritual was being carried out - blow me down if he hasn't entered into the sport as well! Needless to say neither man has ever ever awarded me 10 out of 10. I got my own back the other day when I asked Husband to hang out the washing for me - what a fearful mess - shirts were hung up by their shoulders and not spread out, pants were drooped over the line, trousers were hung up by one peg. Guess what - I awarded him nought out of ten!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Top Brass

Last night we visited the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon and listened to the RAF Central Band - they were fabulous. There was a mixture of music played including film scores, traditonal military marches, a trumpet solo and a flute duet. They played the rousing "633 Squadron" and of course "The Dam Busters." For me, the best piece was by Vangelis "The Conquest of Paradise", it was this music that was played over the ship's tannoy system every time "Royal Clipper" raised her sails at sunset and silently left port. The effect of the haunting music combined beautifully with this majestic ship, mast lit by a thousand lights silently sailing away into the night. Royal Clipper is the largest sailing clipper in the world and we had the privilege of sailing in her in 2008 on a cruise from Rome to Venice.

We wondered why the band consisted of so many women and eventually came to the conclusion that the very very handsome Musical Director was the reason!!! By the way, I definitely fancied him too!!