Monday, 30 June 2008

He's Blown a Gasquet!

Well Done Andy Murray - I am exhausted!

My brother is coming to stay

Jamie has started a blog - just to annoy me from all those miles away in Australia. You can guess which one he is! I don't know how I shall cope with him when he comes over to stay with us to celebrate my father's 90th birthday in November. Any ideas?

Many many thanks to Lane'sWrite for giving me advice as to how to set up the links.

Cows run amok!

Woke up this morning and looked out of bedroom window - cows had broken through electric fencing and raided our compost heap (I do not mind that) and eaten most of our apple tree! We quickly erected some green fencing and informed farmer that cows might have tummy aches through eating hot compost!

As I have called my blog 'Rural Villager' and I appreciate countryside living - I must take what comes! Actually it is the very windy weather that is getting Husband and I down at the moment - our garden (now almost two years old) is suffering and young plants are curling their leaves up at the icy blasts!

I have been asked to do this meme by Lane's Write - so here goes:

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was a secretary working from home to a chartered surveyor who also worked at his home in a garden shed - I typed many long survey reports. Hobbling around on the wonky knees before they were made even wonkier with replacement knees. Dodger, our black labrador, was keepng Husband fit. We also kept about 20 hens, most of which were rare breeds.

Five things on your to-do list for today:
1) Watch Wimbledon.
2) ) Ignore doorbell so that I can watch Wimbledon
3) About every hour search field for bull as he is ill to make sure he is still standing. Inform farmer if he looks dodgy.
4) Ride Supatrike to village shop to get some cash
5) Tell Husband when he comes home from a golf competition what a busy day I had!

What are three of your bad habits?
1) Speaking too fast.
2) Eating chocolate in the form of Magnums
3) Impatience

What snacks do you enjoy?
1) Sliced Bananas with milk
2) Jacobs Chocolate Biscuits with orange cream centres
3) Fruit and nut mix
4) Bread and jam
5) Avocardo Pear

What were the last five books you read?
1) The Poisonwood Bible
2) In My Country by Ian Walthew
3) Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir
4) The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir.
5) All in the series of Ladies Detective Agency

What are five jobs you have had?
1. Nurse
2. Secretary
3. Fruit and Veg Shop Assistant
4. Secretary to Timex Head Office in Bermuda
5. Receptionist at local doctor's surgery

Five places you’ve lived

1) Born into a washing up bowl in a pub in Usk, Wales. Mum was a milk tester and had to rush to the nearest place of assistance as I came a month early.
2) Leatherhead in Surrey until 18
3) Bermuda for four years in my early 20's
4) South Glos
5) North Wilts

Phew - have had enough of that - I pass this on to anyone else who cares to have a go. It is back to Wimbledon goggle watching for me!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Proms in a Garden

The local BUPA Care Home opened it's lovely gardens for a fairly genteel (it has to be said) proms night. The Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra were playing - decided not to put them off with flash photography and concentrate my efforts on the Pimms we and our friends were quickly demolishing. It was a lovely relaxed evening.
I say relaxed because I have experienced one or two hairy moments at concerts both classical and pop. Westonbirt Arboretum put on several large concerts each year. Some of my wrinkly swimming friends latched on to the fact that I am a holder of a Blue Disability Badge - their great idea is to get me to drive so that the Disabled Car Park can be used which gets us nearer to the venue to lug our picnic etc etc. However driving on the way out can be a nightmare as obviously we are at the end of the queue. I can remember one year getting quite scared. It was pitch black and I had to drive the car over stinging nettles and hidden fallen branches - the girls in the back seats just egging me on to "hurry up"!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Have a good weekend

Husband is going 'batty' with the constant thwack of tennis balls emanating from the Goggle Box. So far I am lucky -there has been no cricket to compete with the armchair viewing!

I Like Seeing . . . . . . . . . .

'Men at Work'

The view out of our kitchen window on to the main street through our village is always quite busy - this helps relieve the boredom whilst washing up!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

On Best Behaviour - Bearly Can Look!

My bears are looking shocked, Jamie! In fact only baby bear is taking it in! Do look at for an explanation. I think Jamie would like a few comments for his first effort in the blogosphere! G'day.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Handy Andy

These pundits are discussing the match between Fabrice Santoro and Andy Murray. From my view it was the best match of the day - the wily old frenchman creating some magical soft shots that barely crawled over the net whilst Andy, the part-time genius, was often erratic. (Not sure I like the bloke though). It was good viewing and although Andy won in three straight sets - the last was a tie breaker and one wondered whether he was going to do a "Henman" !

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Metric Madness

Being in the Wrinkly age group I have never got to grips with metric measures. I ordered from the Lakeland catalogue a set of mixing bowls sizes small, medium and large. These were to replace the three bowls I have already and are showing their age. Imagine my surprise when these three giants turned up!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Smackeroo of a Match!

This young Dutch chap took Hewitt to five sets in the most enthralling match. I nicknamed him "The Ganglion" - he is the most unorthodox tennis player - whirling his arms and legs and producing the most ungettable shots. Here you see Haase taking a well earned breather. (This photo was taken from my TV)

Goggle watching Wimbledon

Weather forecast is good for all this week for the tennis - I shall dig an imaginary moat around our house to repel visitors whilst the green lawns of Wimbledon are on the screen. Husband draws deep sighs of boredom. I was even horrible enough to prevent son (many many moons ago) from watching the children's slot on the Box during tennis. He was delighted when it was raining and he got a look-in at "The Magic Roundabout" etc.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Photohunt - Water

My Close Friend . . . . . . . .

moved away from the area several years ago to be near her family and grandchildren - we had such fun as near neighbours. Casual cups of coffee, walking the dogs and clothes shopping! Shopping together was like chalk and cheese - Close Friend is small - I am large, she likes pastel colours - I like bright, she has small feet - I have large! Close Friend is also adept at sewing, cooking and the dreaded housework - I have none of these skills! When we pick up the phone we can talk for hours!

Friday, 20 June 2008

Good Views

As we have an open aspect we get wonderful skyscapes. The sunsets are very pretty at times - this sunset was photographed from our bedroom window.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Naughty Naughty Rescue Dog

Rescue Dog noticed that Husband was busy stooping low in the veg garden - he investigated. Rescue Dog always likes to help so he set about picking (or rather eating) the strawberries. The strawberries have enough pests to deal with at the moment including a huge infestation of slugs and birds seeking food for their young.

Rescue Dog did not stop there however - we noticed he disappeared regularly and could be found in the strawberry bed guzzling anything he could get hold of - oh no - he did not mind hoovering up the unripe ones as well!

I came home yesterday after a wrinkly girly day out and was greeted by Husband who said "The dog has been sick". My heart sank as Husband backs away from any "clearing up" duties. After a long pause Husband added "he was sick in the strawberry bed". Rescue Dog has now been banished from the garden unless he is being accompanied by an adult.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Little Brother's Response (he is still 59 and a bit)

Little Brother (see yesterday's blog and comments) has hinted that I did something awful. Now if you are fainthearted do not carry on reading this - it will put you off your food!
I was about 8 years of age and was very much looking forward to having my best friend Kitty round for the day. I could see her cycling up the hill to our house - at the same time I needed to visit the loo rather urgently. For some mad mad mad reason I decided I did not have time to visit the loo before Kitty arrived - the result - a rather large "log" was deposited in my pants. Then I panicked - what should I do. Well I did the best thing I could under the circumstances I carefully placed the "log" in a drawer of my father's desk to be removed safely later on in the day! I honestly do not remember what happened next - perhaps Jamie does.
By the way Jamie has started up his own blog - I think just to be able to comment on mine! He is not very computer literate - but I shall wait with baited breath for something a lot more interesting than "logs".

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

My Little Brother of 59 and a bit!

My brother lives in Australia and I don't see him that often. He reads this blog and says he cannot find a mention of him - so here you are Jamie!
Like all children we quarrelled (a lot). I cannot remember the exact incident but I became so fed up with him words failed me - then this sentence came tumbling out "You Overproud Lion With Greasy Fangs" This became a family joke as you can imagine. He is also known by his four children as "FGSJ" - his wife, also known as "Matron" is for ever repeating "For God's Sake Jamie" - poor woman - she seems to be stuck with a moth-eaten lion!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Kemble Air Day

The Chinook was the slowest flying object - so perhaps this was the best photo I was able to take!

Behind the smoke in the height of the mock battle you can see "AV8" next to control tower. This cafe is a good place to go on a sunny day as one can sit on the veranda and watch the light aircraft come and go.

This is a Hawk participating in the mock battle (this plane was a "baddie")

The Royal Navy Helicopter display - we were sitting just underneath these birds.

We love it! Very crowded - which is a good thing - I think it is important for all of us to see the RAF in all it's glory and perhaps this helps a little in understanding how skilled our troops have to be to fly these powerful machines.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Queen's Official Birthday

The eccentric "dummy dresser" near our house has gone to town today!

Cows gallop into view

Yesterday morning woke up to bellows of delight as the cows were let into the field behind our garden - good - they will munch and tread down the long grass that has been blocking our view from the sitting room.

Rescue Dog, being a wet blanket kind of dog, sat on my lap last night emitting soft growls as he watched the shadows looming up in the darkness as the cows meandered by every now and then. Rescue Dog usually sits down and waits to let cats run through our garden - he even backed off a spider on the carpet the other day.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Pair of Pigeons

Two amorous birds will insist on having it away on the arm of our satellite dish. We would hiss and boo each time we passed underneath but nothing would cool their ardour. Eventually I had a bright idea. Supatrike took me down to the village shop where I asked for a packet of balloons - there was much laughter when I explained what they were for.

The balloons were attached to three bamboo sticks tied together and bingo no more billing and cooing. However I fear the two love birds might think this is a sign for a pigeon party tonight!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Drying His King Edwards

Continuing the Veg Plot and Greenhouse theme - upon entering the kitchen yesterday afternoon I found Husband tenderly drying and laying his spuds on a J-cloth to dry. These spuds are the first of the crop from the new veg garden. Having had a large greenhouse and veg plot in our old house we sorely missed fresh veg last year. So now it feels back to the good times.
Continuing greenhouse theme - our buyer of our last house demolished Husband's beloved greenhouse because "it was a danger to the two children" ???? However the buyer continued with veg garden and entered a competition on the back of a seed packet. He won - guess what - he won a greenhouse!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The View

As seen from end of garden and from my new coffee house! (see below)

Happy at Last

Husband, since down-sizing, has been missing his veg plot and greenhouse. In April a mini greenhouse arrived and he has been busy since! I shall be using it in the winter for a sort of conservatory coffee house (if Husband has cleared up) as there is a lovely view (see above) looking out of the open window.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Tennis Anyone?

Hooray - the beginning of the tennis grass court season starting off with Queens - I love it!

The Aliums are flowering

Our garden is in it's second year having moved into a new build house on the site of an old corrugated iron barn. It is lovely to be able to see the fruits of our labours. Last year our rose planned to climb over our porch has exceeded expectations and Husband has wobbled up ladders extending the training wires. The honeysuckle against the front wall has now grown out of our reach and is flowering. However we have one disappointment our ornamental crab apple is suffering some dire disease. Searched the web and understood it could be powdery mildew. Took a sample leaf to a local garden centre and they suggested it was apple scab. Either way we have to spray it with noxious substances. The treatments have made it worse! Never mind - the back garden has sweeping views down to the farm and we have spent the last couple of evenings watching the barn owl swooping low over the field searching for food and often deer wander across and gracefully jump the hedge into the next field and beyond.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Fame at Last!

I rode Supatrike around to Eccentric Villager to take my daily photo of his creations and lo and behold what did I see! I gather he has 3 different mannequin heads but they are all called "Fred The Head". I had composed a poster for him from my efforts so far and I think he must have been pleased with the result - I wish I looked as beautiful as this dummy!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Flicks in the Sticks

Last night was the monthly film session held in our neighbouring village. To reach it we drive down a really narrow twisting lane for about half mile. I am always worried I will come face to face with another vehicle - there are no passing places. My reversing capabilities are worrying if I have to back up for more than 50 yards! - especially with overgrown cow parsley inconveniently hanging down blocking the view. I am glad to say we met nobody either way last night!

The film is held in a very old building that used to be a small school and then a library. We take our own chairs and cushions and are offered tea or coffee - all for £3.50. I think these kind of facilities are invaluable to a rural community.

The film we saw was The Kite Runner. I think all of us really enjoyed the beautiful filming and the amazing acting of the two small boys. A couple of months ago we saw Atonement - everybody was spellbound (usually there is a bit of shuffling and snuffling)!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

What a Whopper!

The farm in our village each week does an egg run - all proceeds to the church. I found this enormous egg - like a cuckoo in a nest. I rang the farmer to say thanks and she remarked that one particular hen has the unenviable task of relieving herself of these bombs. The other eggs in the box are a supermarket large size. I am deciding what to do with this magnificent egg. (Any suggestions??) Husband and I are having bets - I think it will be a triple yolker.

Lost my voice last night

"The Kitchen Gardeners" entered the village pub quiz night. We did not do very well. The quizmaster seemed to be a stickler for exact wording. For example we were not allowed "Helen" - it had to be "Helen of Troy". We were not allowed "The Gladiators" - it had to be "Gladiator". Team "Barking Mad" also came near the bottom of the pile with us. We lost our voices booing and hissing. So quizmaster (who shall remain nameless) I dedicate this photo to you!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Rescue Dog

Rescue Dog arrived about four years ago carrying a few possessions including a toy rabbit wearing a green dress. At first he was known as "silent dog" - after about three months he gave a small murmer to attract our attention. Later on he added two quick murmers to his vocabulary if he thought we had forgotten his lunch. Much later on he really frightened us with a real live bark! It is a very impressive deep manly bark emanating from quite a small dog - I think he was quite proud of it. In the space of four years living with Rescue Dog he has barked about four times making Husband and I jump out of our skins! When Supatrike arrived last year Rescue Dog was enchanted and had jumped up onto the seat before even I had had a quick whizz around the drive. He loves feeling the wind in his hair as we speed at 8mph through the village down to the farm where he can jump off and run beside me. In his life before he lived with us he must have been used to something similar as he has never wandered ahead of me or behind me - he just trots alongside not turning to look at the sheep or even the guinea fowl that reside at the farm.

Rescue Dog has an impressive collection of cuddly toys. We tidy them away and as fast as we do, Rescue Dog arranges them to his satisfaction around the house. This can be embarrassing when they are deposited in our front garden - we feel passers by must think "surely that wrinkly couple cannot have children at their age". This is what happens occasionally to the cuddly toys that Rescue Dog carries around with him. This particular Beautiful Bunny is actually the same size as Rescue Dog!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

What Weather!

Our village has some "oddities" and this is one of them!

Monday, 2 June 2008

More About Supatrike

On the day Supatrike was due to be delivered from a local firm, I heard comments on Jonnie Walker show on Radio 2 (standing in for Terry Wogan) about an old man driving his scooter around a roundabout the wrong way. I rushed to this computer and typed an email explaining that not all of us scooter riders were maronic - much to my amusement Jonnie read the email over the airwaves. The mobility scooter firm had the radio on in their workshops and were also amused. When Supatrike was delivered that evening it had attached a large notice saying "As advertised on Radio 2". We all had a good laugh.

Next day I proudly vroom vroomed my way to the village shop - I was surprised to see people waving me along - it appears that our village has a lot of Radio 2 listeners!
Hi there everyone - have really enjoyed many blogs - but feel I am not very eloquent - so I think this will be a slow start!

We recently moved (downsized) into a very friendly village which amongst other things has a wonderful shop and guess what - a post office (still).

My SupaTrike is really a disguised mobility scooter - decked out in black and chrome with a Harley Davidson type handlebars - suits my image - as you might have guessed a "tomboy". I sometimes strap our dog onto my lap and off we go down to the local farm. The dog then jumps off and has a good run. More about our rescue dog another time.