Thursday, 19 June 2008

Naughty Naughty Rescue Dog

Rescue Dog noticed that Husband was busy stooping low in the veg garden - he investigated. Rescue Dog always likes to help so he set about picking (or rather eating) the strawberries. The strawberries have enough pests to deal with at the moment including a huge infestation of slugs and birds seeking food for their young.

Rescue Dog did not stop there however - we noticed he disappeared regularly and could be found in the strawberry bed guzzling anything he could get hold of - oh no - he did not mind hoovering up the unripe ones as well!

I came home yesterday after a wrinkly girly day out and was greeted by Husband who said "The dog has been sick". My heart sank as Husband backs away from any "clearing up" duties. After a long pause Husband added "he was sick in the strawberry bed". Rescue Dog has now been banished from the garden unless he is being accompanied by an adult.


Lane said...

Poor Rescue Dog. He's looking so longingly at the strawberries in the photo. To look but not touch must be so hard for him!:-)

Liz said...

I think we should introduce Rescue Dog and George. They could compare naughty notes!

blogthatmama said...

I couldn't be left alone with strawberries for too long either... blogthatmamax