Saturday, 7 June 2008

Flicks in the Sticks

Last night was the monthly film session held in our neighbouring village. To reach it we drive down a really narrow twisting lane for about half mile. I am always worried I will come face to face with another vehicle - there are no passing places. My reversing capabilities are worrying if I have to back up for more than 50 yards! - especially with overgrown cow parsley inconveniently hanging down blocking the view. I am glad to say we met nobody either way last night!

The film is held in a very old building that used to be a small school and then a library. We take our own chairs and cushions and are offered tea or coffee - all for £3.50. I think these kind of facilities are invaluable to a rural community.

The film we saw was The Kite Runner. I think all of us really enjoyed the beautiful filming and the amazing acting of the two small boys. A couple of months ago we saw Atonement - everybody was spellbound (usually there is a bit of shuffling and snuffling)!


GoneBackSouth said...

That cinema set up sounds brilliant! I'm sure you'll be whizzing round on that trike soon. My daughter has a new trike (but not an electric one).

Liz said...

I've read both of those books but not seen the films. I'm not going to watch the Kite Runner: it was the most wonderful and sad at the same time book I have read for a long time.

My reversing over a distance is very dodgy too. Cars don't seem to go the way you want when they go backwards, do they?!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

I must admit I found the Kite Runner - a wonderful and hard hitting book to read. You've made me wonder about the film now...could I see it? Agree with you about the reversing...100%!!