Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Rescue Dog

Rescue Dog arrived about four years ago carrying a few possessions including a toy rabbit wearing a green dress. At first he was known as "silent dog" - after about three months he gave a small murmer to attract our attention. Later on he added two quick murmers to his vocabulary if he thought we had forgotten his lunch. Much later on he really frightened us with a real live bark! It is a very impressive deep manly bark emanating from quite a small dog - I think he was quite proud of it. In the space of four years living with Rescue Dog he has barked about four times making Husband and I jump out of our skins! When Supatrike arrived last year Rescue Dog was enchanted and had jumped up onto the seat before even I had had a quick whizz around the drive. He loves feeling the wind in his hair as we speed at 8mph through the village down to the farm where he can jump off and run beside me. In his life before he lived with us he must have been used to something similar as he has never wandered ahead of me or behind me - he just trots alongside not turning to look at the sheep or even the guinea fowl that reside at the farm.

Rescue Dog has an impressive collection of cuddly toys. We tidy them away and as fast as we do, Rescue Dog arranges them to his satisfaction around the house. This can be embarrassing when they are deposited in our front garden - we feel passers by must think "surely that wrinkly couple cannot have children at their age". This is what happens occasionally to the cuddly toys that Rescue Dog carries around with him. This particular Beautiful Bunny is actually the same size as Rescue Dog!


Liz said...

Aw, bless! When we had George he had a puppy toy, Bungle, who was much the same size as him. He still likes to sleep with Bungle and he is very proud of his bark. He usually displays it last thing at night when he goes out for his wee and something frightens him. I mean, he spies potential burglars and has to frighten them away!

Welcome to blogging!

Suburbia said...

Hi Lindsay

Thanks for visiting me and for putting me on your sidebar with some fantastic bloggers. I'm honored to be side by side with them!!

I hope you enjoy your blogging experience as much as I do. I does seem to take up loads of time and the house is often a mess but this is so much more fun!!

Your rescue dog looks adorable. I wonder why he didn't have a voice. Was he mistreated? My mum has a rescue retriever who is 10 and a wonderful sweetie! Very gentle. She came with a smelly blanket but mum soon sorted that out!

Hope all is well with you and 'see' you soon
Suburbia :)