Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Drying His King Edwards

Continuing the Veg Plot and Greenhouse theme - upon entering the kitchen yesterday afternoon I found Husband tenderly drying and laying his spuds on a J-cloth to dry. These spuds are the first of the crop from the new veg garden. Having had a large greenhouse and veg plot in our old house we sorely missed fresh veg last year. So now it feels back to the good times.
Continuing greenhouse theme - our buyer of our last house demolished Husband's beloved greenhouse because "it was a danger to the two children" ???? However the buyer continued with veg garden and entered a competition on the back of a seed packet. He won - guess what - he won a greenhouse!

1 comment:

Maggie May said...

That was SO funny! serve them right for demolishing the first one. I have never heard of them being dangerous if they are treated normally!

The potatoes will taste DELICIOUS!