Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Marmalade Crazy

Husband simply loves making marmalade. I am not so sure. The kitchen turns into a sticky mess. Husband collects old Red Current Jelly jars, Tomato Chutney jars, damson jam jars etc etc but we do not soak off the labels. It gets quite confusing to open a jar of chutney to find Husband's marmalade instead! This year Husband has made four batches , two of which worked very well, the other two batches have not set properly. Consequently the kitchen is festooned with marmalade jars (sticky) waiting to"set". Husband is convinced they will set!! I shall wait until Husband is out of the house playing tennis and stick the marmalade into a pot and reboil it all. But. . . . . . . . . . . not today, it is our 38th wedding anniversary and we are going out to lunch!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Oh No, They Are Flooding In Again!

Is anyone else inundated with unwanted catalogues that arrive through the post? About two years ago I had a blitz to try and stem the flow. First of all I removed my name and address on each catalogue and stuck on labels "Return to Sender". Our local sorting office seemed to have a vendetta - they tore off the labels and sent the catalogues back to me! I then tried emailing the companies concerned asking them to remove my name and address, however this seemed to have a double whammy effect - I received not only one catalogue but two! Nobody had bothered to read my email, obviously the easiest thing to do was to add my name and address again! I am certainly not going to spend money on telephoning and the arrival of these catalogues seem to keep the Post Office in business.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Oh No - Not More Snow!

In the last 30 years that I have recorded the weather there have been a handful of days when the temperature has not reached above zero - until now. The back end of last year saw a record number of consecutive days with below zero temperatures. Suddenly again today, as I write, it is minus 0.5C and snow is falling. I used to get quite excited when there was an unusal temperature occurrence, whether the weather be hot or whether the weather be cold, but now it just feels normal!