Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Different Tastes!

Husband and I are thinking ahead to our village street party.  The instructions are "to wear something red, white and blue and bring a plate of food".  A plate of food to Husband means peanut butter and banana sandwiches and marmite sandwiches.   URGGGGH!!!!!   Just the smell is disgusting.   I shall be eating hard-boiled egg and cress sandwiches and cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches.  Which combination would you prefer?

One of my blog followers is urging me on to post more often - well done to that guy!!!

Friday, 4 May 2012


From our kitchen window which overlooks the village street we often espy unusual passing traffic.  Yesterday a freshly painted gypsy caravan pulled by the usual piebald type horse plodded through.  The horse was led by an oldish man in a very smart big black hat.   Today we did our usual Waitrose shop and found the caravan parked in the disabled bays with the horse tied up to a hedge which was quickly becoming demolished!   We bought some carrots for the horse and discovered from the owner that they had travelled from Cornwall and were slowly making their way to Appleby.  The horse was called Tarantino!

Also this morning, whilst doing the breakfast washing up, through the kitchen window we saw a cyclist labouring along towing an enormously long canoe which had warning flags front and aft!    I must keep my camera on the kitchen window sill!!