Thursday, 30 April 2009

Graveyard for More Steel Birds

Kemble Airfield is filling up with more mortally wounded steel birds in all stages of dismantling. Three more planes have flown their last flight this week - A gaudily coloured Sky Express 737 probably more used to jungle surroundings, a rather drab tired looking British Airways 737 and a Gulf Air of dubious type (Husband says probably a Fokker- excuse language). Kemble now resembles a passenger airport with these planes lining up at one end of the runway. The dismantling operation looks more kitted out now and bits and pieces of the planes disappear overnight. The British Airways plane has no wings or tail and reminds me of one of those dying whales that beach themselves. It is all rather sad really.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Home Alone

Husband is off on one of his long walks for a couple of days. Swirling fog here this morning - hope he does not take a wrong turn and drop silently into the canal he is supposedly walking beside!

I do not mind a couple of days on my own - I have the radio tuned to Radio 2 on loud (normally I wear wireless headphones around the house - Husband's ears are sensitive and only tolerate Classic FM), I go to bed at the time I like, I get to read the newspaper first, and I have been known to eat out of the saucepans (naughty naughty).

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Two Weddings And A Traffic Jam

There was a big wedding in our village church with the reception in a marquee which was pitched in a field quite near our house. We heard the church bells ringing and looked out of the kitchen window which has a view down the main street. We became confused. It appeared that the wedding party (200 in total) were escaping in the wrong direction for the reception. The bridal car swept past with the white ribbons blowing merrily (it was really windy) - we thought they must be taking the scenic route.

A swirl of people then dodged the cavalcade of cars and we realised there must have been another wedding in the nearby village and the two parties had become entangled. We do hope that the right groom ended up with the right bride. The prettiest outfit I saw was a lovely black labrador wearing a most elaborate white collar!!! A poodle came jauntily down the road as well. Obviously all dogs welcome at our village wedding.

At the reception (we had a view from our back garden) the bridesmaids in their flowing dresses and other young guests had a splendid time bouncing ever higher and higher on a huge trampoline - I expect the dresses acted as parachutes in the wind!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Quite A Coincidence, Don't You Think?

The lovely sunsets are back in view from our garden. The above photo was taken a couple of days ago, whereas the one below was taken last year. I think the shapes and colours are rather similar. Both look like pink fish.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

No More Coo Coo Lovey Dovey

(We hope). Oh no, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking we shot the amorous pigeons that insisted on flapping around our satellite dish arm and trying to nest. I must admit I thought about it. Instead the local handyman shinned up a ladder of tremendous height and affixed sharp spikes around the dish. So unless the pigeons decide to wear socks and wellies they will find their amorous advances will have to be accomplished in mid-air or else flap off to someone else's satellite dish. Perhaps they like the programmes?

Monday, 20 April 2009

Golf Ball Finder Extraordinaire

I shall be back in action tonight as Chief Golf Ball Sighter. Whilst Husband and his three friends hit their wayward golf balls around the course I turn my sights looking for lost balls. Whilst they are admiring their graceful swings and clapping each other on the back when the rare good shot is accomplished I am detailed off into the bushes to search for the lost balls that other golfers have failed to find. I spend most of my time swishing my crutches through the rapidly rising stinging nettles and long grass. Last time out I found 5 balls - none of them I might add belonging to the Famous Four!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

I Have Been Using The Giraffe Method

I have damaged left elbow and forearm by taking a short cut to the floor! This is not so daft as it seems. To reach the floor my wonky knees have to be straight so I start off like a giraffe and inch my hands along floor and then do reverse press-up. It was at the reverse press up stage that, why I do not know, I suddenly decided to roll to the left to get to the floor quicker. I have been using the "giraffe" method since aged 17 so I should have followed the old routine. I now have a useless left arm and to make matters worse I am left-handed. I am like a wounded bird. I cannot use my crutches, cannot swim, cannot do the washing-up (good). I have an emergency appointment with the physio (used to be Gloucester rugby physio) tonight - he is very good at trauma injuries due to the rugby side of things. I hope the treatment does not involve a ruck, maul, scrum or touch down - but I will "try" to get better soon! Every cloud has a silver lining - I have been forced to use stick instead of crutches and managed to walk around playing fields with stick tucked under my arm only touching it down on the pavement there and back. Thank goodness we have Sky Sports - I shall watch the Monte Carlo Masters tennis today!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Canoe Racing

The Kennet and Avon Canal at Little Bedwyn was our destination yesterday to watch some of the canoe racing. This race starts at Devizes and ends up at Westminster. The main race for the experienced enthusiasts takes about 17 hours and continues well after dark. For the youngsters - they camp during their jounrey.

The canoes are manhandled around each lock - it looks very tiring. Although there are support teams in attendance no help is permitted for the contestants other than replenished water bottles being thrown into their canoes. The youngsters will find their tent bundles at the camp sites along the way.
Whilst the teams paddled off into the distance we retired to a farm shop cafe and indulged in fish and chips!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Very Kind Gesture

I have been stomping round the local 9 hole golf course with Husband and his friends on my crutches several times a week now that the weather is kinder. Wonky Knees are feeling a lot stronger from all the exercise. The owner of the golf course has noticed me tagging along and was curious - he has very kindly said I may walk around the golf course whenever I wish (without golfers). I think I had better wear a helmet?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Quirky Quiz Questions

The first monday of the month is quiz night at the local pub - 13 teams turned up - the quizmaster must be pleased with the turnout. Sadly for our team made up of "oldies" we find the film, pop music and TV questions beyond us. In our young day there was no TV - that shows how old we are - our team agreed that "ancient history" questions would suit us fine! We remind ourselves that we must try and win the booby prize - but we fail there as well. On one occasion we would have won the booby prize but I cheated and at half time asked a young innocent bystander who was enjoying a quiet drink at the bar (not generally quiet in our pub during the quiz) to fill in some of the pop music questions. Serve me right as we missed out coming last and would have won highlighter pens!

We all enjoy ourselves thoroughly and have a really good laugh - quizmaster, you better have some really good booby prizes next month - we really will try very hard to come last!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

In His Element!

Husband definitely misses the large garden and veg plot in our previous house - there was always something to keep him busy throughout the year. Our downsizing move has been a great success and we have landed up in a very friendly village living in a small house with a small garden including a small veg plot.

On the walk down to the village shop we pass a house with a smallish garden which is entirely
made up of a vegetable garden - I admire it, but Husband covets it. A few days ago Husband was invited to tend this vegetable plot by the elderly couple who own it (yes - there are people older than us it seems). Husband is actually quite shy - so just mumbled that he would be delighted. I know he is delighted because within a jiffy he had zoomed off to the local garden centre and bought three different varieties of potatoes (which are now busy chitting), onion sets, dwarf beans etc etc. I think the plot will be used to grow vegetables that take up a lot of space - so watch this space to see how things turn out!

Thursday, 2 April 2009


We saw an unusual sight today, Husband and I. We visited the "AV8" cafe at Kemble Airfield for a cup of tea, a chocolate croissant (naughty) and a sit in the sun watching the light aircraft buzzing and the helicopters whirring. I noticed six pairs of waggly ears pop up in the grass strip between two runways - they were the original Mad March Hares! (Yes, I know it is April). They boxed and kicked the light fantastic - never mind the aircraft traffic. Then - it seemed on command - they all lay down - just the waggly ears!