Sunday, 26 April 2009

Two Weddings And A Traffic Jam

There was a big wedding in our village church with the reception in a marquee which was pitched in a field quite near our house. We heard the church bells ringing and looked out of the kitchen window which has a view down the main street. We became confused. It appeared that the wedding party (200 in total) were escaping in the wrong direction for the reception. The bridal car swept past with the white ribbons blowing merrily (it was really windy) - we thought they must be taking the scenic route.

A swirl of people then dodged the cavalcade of cars and we realised there must have been another wedding in the nearby village and the two parties had become entangled. We do hope that the right groom ended up with the right bride. The prettiest outfit I saw was a lovely black labrador wearing a most elaborate white collar!!! A poodle came jauntily down the road as well. Obviously all dogs welcome at our village wedding.

At the reception (we had a view from our back garden) the bridesmaids in their flowing dresses and other young guests had a splendid time bouncing ever higher and higher on a huge trampoline - I expect the dresses acted as parachutes in the wind!


Maggie May said...

Well as long as the right grooms married the right brides, that sounded like a brilliant time was had by all. Would have been fun though, if they'd muddled the partners!

Linda said...

Oh but you paint a picture with your words.

Lane said...

Love the idea of a mixed up marriage, parachuting bridesmaids and dogs at weddings!

Scriptor Senex said...

I'd love to know if any of the guests went to the wrong wedding or reception. If it was an obscure relative (the sort that only meet at weddings and funerals) it could have taken a while for them to find out.

Your Doris's boy doesn't look anything like he did at George's funeral. I'm sure he dyes his hair! And if that's Gloria she sure has put weight on!

Carol and Chris said...

You certainly have a way with words....I really enjoyed reading this post!!!

C x