Thursday, 30 April 2009

Graveyard for More Steel Birds

Kemble Airfield is filling up with more mortally wounded steel birds in all stages of dismantling. Three more planes have flown their last flight this week - A gaudily coloured Sky Express 737 probably more used to jungle surroundings, a rather drab tired looking British Airways 737 and a Gulf Air of dubious type (Husband says probably a Fokker- excuse language). Kemble now resembles a passenger airport with these planes lining up at one end of the runway. The dismantling operation looks more kitted out now and bits and pieces of the planes disappear overnight. The British Airways plane has no wings or tail and reminds me of one of those dying whales that beach themselves. It is all rather sad really.


Carol and Chris said...

It is quite amazing to see them so close up though!! Chris wants to go down there with his camera to take some shots....don't know if he'd get close enough...if he takes any I'll post them on the blog.

C x

Maggie May said...

To come to the end of a useful life. That is rather sad!

Twiglet said...

Hi Lindsay - I have tagged you - I hope you don't mind. Don't worry if you don't want to do it. Thanks - Jo