Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Little Brother's Response (he is still 59 and a bit)

Little Brother (see yesterday's blog and comments) has hinted that I did something awful. Now if you are fainthearted do not carry on reading this - it will put you off your food!
I was about 8 years of age and was very much looking forward to having my best friend Kitty round for the day. I could see her cycling up the hill to our house - at the same time I needed to visit the loo rather urgently. For some mad mad mad reason I decided I did not have time to visit the loo before Kitty arrived - the result - a rather large "log" was deposited in my pants. Then I panicked - what should I do. Well I did the best thing I could under the circumstances I carefully placed the "log" in a drawer of my father's desk to be removed safely later on in the day! I honestly do not remember what happened next - perhaps Jamie does.
By the way Jamie has started up his own blog - I think just to be able to comment on mine! He is not very computer literate - but I shall wait with baited breath for something a lot more interesting than "logs".


Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi Lindsay - thanks for blogrolling me! I'm having the same problem with "Princess" at the mo...(yes...too much information!). In many ways I wish it was just a one-off (sotospeak)just like yours!!! (You're very brave for mentioning it too...I think you win that dare from Little Bro.)

Suburbia said...

Logs on blogs! There's a lot of it around tonight. Check here for more!!!

Boyfromoz said...

The end of the logging story is that at least 5 years later I was rooting around my father's desk drawers (as one does) and, lo and behold, I came across the aforesaid log, completely fossilised. I now have that desk and people have been known to wrinkle their nose in its presence!
I'll give my sister one thing 'tho, at least she's been kind enough to withhold my true identity. I'm visiting the UK & arriving at Heathrow on Nov 15 but at 5.15 am so as to avoid the near riot that happened the last time I visited - crowd control is non-existent there. Unfortunately, my ever publicity-conscious manager is threatening to hold a press conference followed by a photo opportunity and autographs, would you believe! As I was saying to Nic just the other day, it's quite a price to pay for doing what comes naturally."I mean, we're just actors for God's sake Jamie", she said. Anyway, enough about me. I wouldn't want to usurp my big sister's few minutes of blog fame.
See you on Nov 15!

Liz said...

Selective memory there I think! I don't blame you for deleting what happened next form your memory!