Tuesday, 17 June 2008

My Little Brother of 59 and a bit!

My brother lives in Australia and I don't see him that often. He reads this blog and says he cannot find a mention of him - so here you are Jamie!
Like all children we quarrelled (a lot). I cannot remember the exact incident but I became so fed up with him words failed me - then this sentence came tumbling out "You Overproud Lion With Greasy Fangs" This became a family joke as you can imagine. He is also known by his four children as "FGSJ" - his wife, also known as "Matron" is for ever repeating "For God's Sake Jamie" - poor woman - she seems to be stuck with a moth-eaten lion!


nilesh said...
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Lane said...

You were an imaginative child!

G'day Jamie:-)

Liz said...

What a brilliant insult!

I'm glad you commented on my blog: I'm trying to get my links up to date, so now I can add you.

Maggie May said...

Enjoyed reading this post! What would we do without our little brothers! Pity he isn't local.

Suburbia said...

That made me laugh! What a fantastic phrase to come out with, it conjours up a great picture.

I will add you to my new blog list!

Lindsay said...

Thanks all for your comments - hope Jamie enjoys them!

Boyfromoz said...

Yeah well, bigsis, why don't you tell 'em about the fossilised poo?!