Thursday, 5 June 2008

What a Whopper!

The farm in our village each week does an egg run - all proceeds to the church. I found this enormous egg - like a cuckoo in a nest. I rang the farmer to say thanks and she remarked that one particular hen has the unenviable task of relieving herself of these bombs. The other eggs in the box are a supermarket large size. I am deciding what to do with this magnificent egg. (Any suggestions??) Husband and I are having bets - I think it will be a triple yolker.

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Hadriana said...

Hi Lindsay,

Came to you via Wife in The North. I'm new to blogging as well and yes - that other site "WINT" inspired me as well. Maybe we could swap tips as we learn together?

Like your writing. Re: this post my little boy (1.5 yr) cries every time he does a No.2 (poor thing)...maybe your "bomb" hen does the same!

Best of luck with the blog!