Friday, 20 November 2009

Green and Pleasant Land

This photo is for Rockwallaby who over there in Australia is suffering from dought!


Maggie May said...

The photo is intriguing with those furrows. Very verdant.

Nuts in May

Fiona said...

And I figure there's no point suffering in silence!

Would love to visit one day!
Is this typically a wet time of year for you?

Lindsay said...

Rockwallaby - November is typically an autumn month with rain and fog. Dark mornings and evenings - can be very gloomy. This year it has also been very mild with daytime temps of 12C - hence the good growth of winter wheat.

Fiona said...

Have just seen on the news footage of terrible flooding in north-west (?) England?
Which part of the country are you?

Gill - That British Woman said...

nice and green over here as well, which is better than nice and white, which wouldn't be unusual for this time of year!!

Did you enjoy your liver the other day? We enjoyed ours!!

Gill in Canada

Lindsay said...

Rockwallaby - we live in the "Cotswolds" area which is in the south of the country. Our village stands along a ridge (can be windy) not within reach of a flooding river. Usually during the winter there will be local flooding in fields after heavy rain.

Carol said...

Brill photo!! Would make a fantastic painting!!

C x