Thursday, 24 July 2008

Balloons and BBQ

Lovely day here yesterday. In the evening we sat at the end of our garden enjoying a BBQ. As if by magic we had a flying display to entertain us. First it was three jets aerobatically flying the skies and then a trio of balloons drifted by - a slight huffing and puffing of their gas cylinders was all that could be heard.

Suddenly a huffing and puffing of a different kind - from Rescue Dog. We had blown up a balloon to fill out our 'Waspinator' - it had been discarded and Rescue Dog was having fun - I think he must have known about balloons in his previous life - he pranced and danced around nosing the balloon - the inevitable happened - it burst!

A 'Waspinator' is a fairly new invention - made of some kind of cloth that is coloured to look like a wasp's nest. When puffed out - hence the balloon - it can be hung up and the idea is that wasps think it is an enemy colony and keep well away. As Husband is an anaphalactic (spelling?) we thought we would try it out. The instructions suggestion was to fill out waspinator with a balloon but we found scrunching up newspaper does the trick much better.

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cheshire wife said...

From the garden of our first house we often used to see balloons in the evening, but we don't seem to get them here. Very relaxing to watch.

Ps - I think your husband is anaphylactic. I looked it up in my nurses dictionary.