Sunday, 20 July 2008

Good Good Husband

We decided to dispose of a waist high corner cupboard - triangular shaped. To anyone geometrically inclined, they will realise that square or rectangular boxes will not use up the space efficiently in this cupboard.

Husband bought a flat-pack and was busily employed in the garage fitting it together - I left him alone. Eureka - about an hour later the job was done. Previous to this we had bought a similar flat-pack of the same design but smaller. On that occasion I helped Husband put it together and it took over four hours to do the job! So I must surmise that men at work should be left completely alone.

The photo on the new chest of drawers is of Abraham my first horse. He was a 14.2 thickset cob and carried me and my Wonky Knees safely for about 5 years.

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