Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hairdresser Horror Story

I have to thank Cheshire Wife and her post today 'Crowning Glory' that has jogged my memory!

This horror story happened about 21 years ago. My son and I had been to the same hairdresser for about 10 years and I thought the hairdresser knew our family well. Son was at his last term at public school where he was Deputy Head of School, Cricket Captain etc etc etc. He had a few days between exams and so came home mid-week. Son, who was 18 (I think) at the time, wandered off to hairdresser. Son asked hairdresser for a hair-cut a bit more unusual than normal - big mistake!

Son arrived home - I was speechless with anger! Son had a sort of mohican/hedgehog appearance on top, bald sides and a trellis work effect at the back. This boy had to go back to school and captain a cricket side! Pre-empted situation by ringing up school and Son was allowed back just for the cricket but had to wear a sun-hat jammed on his head!

I rang up hairdresser and apportioned half the blame on him - he knew the strict regulations of haircuts at schools in those days. I told him I would never ever enter his shop again - and I haven't! (Might have very long hair by now)???

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Maggie May said...

Oh dear ....... teenage boys! Brings back memories........

There is an award waiting for you over at my place!