Saturday, 5 July 2008

I detest fly posting - It is an eyesore

This is a boring photo to everyone except Husband and I. This is the view out of one of our kitchen windows. At the AGM of our Parish Council I asked whether or not fly posting was illegal - they agreed that it was. It was suggested that if we thought the posters were an eyesore we could take them down and place them on another pole instead! This telegraph pole and a large number of others in our village are very often plastered with notices about village matters and they are not taken down after the event by the people who put them up in the first place! In our village there are suitable places for posters such as the Parish Council notice board and the village shop. We also receive a very good village newsletter which is the ideal place to advertise forthcoming events.

Yesterday a rash of three posters appeared on this pole and had obviously spread like a bad case of chicken pox to many other telegraph poles. I took the posters down and Supatrike took me around the village as I looked for a suitable alternative place to pin the posters up so that they could germinate. I could not find another pole which had not already caught the infection!


blogthatmama said...

If I were you I would do some sneaky recycling and claim to have put the papers on another filled up pole - not that I'm advocating cheating or lying, of course!

Maggie May said...

This happens round here as well! More annoying in a village though than the city!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree with blogthatmama,

great blog,

Gill from Canada

Boyfromoz said...

You want flies? Come to Oz. I didn't think they were so rare that you actually post whom? Butterflies too? I must agree 'tho, I'm sure I'd detest fly posting too - they'd always arrive all squashed, reminds me of those squashed flies biscuits of old. Perhaps that's where you post them, to Mr Sainsbury or wouild it be Mr Fortnum now that there aren't so many around. Oh to be in England, now that Wimbledon's finished (and those ghastly Williams sisters have gone) and will there be squashed flies for tea? Don't be silly, stupid, I've posted them.

Exmoorjane said...

Oooh, I have to disagree here, I'm afraid - I love reading the flyers on our local posts.... I do read the parish newsletter and the local magazine but have u sually forgotten about things by the time they come round. Mind you, I will read anything - even the back of cereal packets so just goes to show I'm a sad so-and-so.