Friday, 11 September 2009

Old Friends

I have had a lovely day today! My childhood playmates came to visit - I have not seen them for years and years - we had a lot of catching up to do. It is funny what one remembers and the other one does not! I remember a rather traumatic morning when Liz and I caught the usual morning train into Victoria to attend our various secretarial colleges. Just outside Wimbledon station the train ground to a halt. There was a deathly silence, the passengers did not talk to each other! After about half an hour a guard ordered us down on to the railway line and we had to walk to Wimbledon station. The news was that Clapham Junction bridge had fallen down. Liz and I could have caught the Tube into London but sensibly, we thought, it was better to find our way home to Leatherhead by various buses - we were worried we would have had a very difficult journey home in the evening if we had struggled on. We arrived home at about lunchtime. I rang up my secretarial college - they spat tin tacks at me, they were furious I had not carried on into London! Liz does not remember this incident at all!!! Richard, on the other hand, does not remember informing me, as we washed up the tea things in his house (his mother had gone out), that "crockery dries in the cupboard" !!!


Leilani Lee said...

I find a similar thing happening with a cousin who I spent a lot of with as a child who remembers things that we both did together that I do not. Wonder why that is? Too mundane so we block it out? Too traumatic so we block it out? kylfizes is my word -- sounds like it could be a carbonated beverage (LOL!)

Carol said...

Meeting up with old friends is one of life's great pleasures!! I'm so glad you had such a lovely day :-)

It's odd how one person remembers something that another doesn't!! When I was little I had a horrible habit of not staying in my own bed for more than five minutes so my Dad hung a stuffed parrot above my bed and told me that it would crap on me in the middle of the night if I got up!! I was pretty certain that it wouldn't...but not certain enough to test the theory!! I remember it so vividly and he has no memory of it what-so-ever!!

C x

Granny on the Web said...

I had the same experience last year, I visited an old pal I was at college with, and we each had memories the other had forgotten. It is more that 50 years ago.

Love Granny

Suburbia said...

How fab to still be in touch. Nothing quite like the company of old friends :)

snailbeachshepherdess said...

You should tape your meetings like this - a record of social history! Bet Mountainear will agree with me! Thank you for the comment on my blog re the drover's dog - dont suppose there is a photo of said dog anywhere - would so love to see what one looks like

Twiglet said...

We had a school reunion last weekend - always good to catch up with my favourite "old friends"!