Friday, 17 December 2010

Scaredy Cat!

There was just a slight dusting of snow here overnight in North Wiltshire but quite icy roads. I decided to go swimming (this is a 20 minute drive along narrow lanes for part of the way). I was chugging away through my usual 30 lengths when I noticed a few people leaving the pool in a hurry. I looked up and found the snow was chucking it down outside. Well . . . . . . . I am nervous of driving in snow so I hurtled out of the pool, dragged on shoes, sweater and coat without stopping to dry myself or put on underwear or have the usual shower. The road was white until I reached the other side of Tetbury where it had not been snowing at all! I arrived home with sodden clothes and dripping hair - my husband was amazed at the bedraggled sight!

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RockWallaby said...

I took the kids to the pool yesterday afternoon, fortunately no snow, just 38 degrees and 99% humidity!
I managed 3 laps before exhaustion set in! 30 laps, you're a legend Lindsay!