Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Traditionally Laid Hedge

It took the craftsman six days to lay this hedge - you don't often see this skill being put to use nowadays.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Good and The Bad about Spring

The good are the spring bulbs which are now shooting up in our pots and in the garden due to the warm weather.
The bad thing about spring is the infestation of cluster flies - they are everywhere. The sleepy flies were pouring through our roof void hatch into the spare bedroom - Husband dampened their spirits with a smoke bomb. This caused another problem - some of the dying flies in their effort to get out of the smoky atmosphere fell into the downlighter wells in the two bathrooms. Our morning and evening ablutions are somewhat darkened by a mass of flies in the lights! Help is at hand - a local odd-job man is coming around to unscrew the lights and also to crawl through the roof void and cover the lights with pots. We find unscrewing the lights rather a task - my knees are too wobbly to stand on chairs or ladders, especially in the bath and shower and Husband has no head for heights, even three inches off the ground!!!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Argghh - The Dentist

Today I had to have a tooth out - I have never had the experience before but nevertheless all went well and I returned home to Husband. After about an hour I remarked to Husband that there was still a lot of blood swishing around. Husband is very experienced with tooth extractions and told me "not to fuss" and off he went for a walk. I decided that all was not well and after a phone call I was summoned back to the dentist and there I received two more injections and five stitches - arghhhhh - I am now really hurting and refusing to eat anything which will not do me any harm at all!!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Catastrophic Carrots - Urghhh!

As it was a nice sunny day, albeit very cold with a keen north-east wind, Husband suggested we made a start on the veg plot we help with in another villager's garden. When we arrived Husband divided the labour - I was given the nastiest job on god's earth. Whilst Husband gently planted out some broad beans I had to dig up and clear the remaining row of carrots (we had grown far too many). I started digging and picking up the carrots only to find a lot of them exploded into an orange mush - it was like handling sloppy cold mashed potato - it was truly awful - I shall not be eating carrots for a little while - I have been thoroughly put off!