Monday, 14 March 2011

Tennis Shoes

Husband has played "Roll Up" tennis at Cirencester Tennis club for the past five years. The Roll-Up tennis means members can just turn up on two designated days a week and take pot luck. There are seven courts and seven suits of cards are dealt. The people holding the aces proceed to Court one and so on.

The club is situated in the midst of The Bathurst Estate in lovely countryside. Today was a glorious day and I asked Husband whether the club would mind if I put in an appearance to watch. The roll up people were a very friendly lot and I enjoyed myself. I also took a walk on my crutches around the nearby cricket pitch. I tried to negotiate a stile that would take me onto a path that apparently meanders along the side of a wood for 13 miles. The stile was too high and I was afraid if I made over the other side I might not get back again!


Kelloggsville said...

They would have sent a search party out in the end!!! Isn't it lovely now the weather has picked up xx

Twiglet said...

Yes the first sign of sunshine tempts us out doesn't it. Shame you couldn't get your leg over - er ....well you know what I mean!!

Suburbia said...

Oooh it's ages since I've walked on the Bathhurst estate, about 20 in fact! Must go again sometime.

John Gray said...

a sign of getting older
an inability to cock ones' leg