Wednesday, 26 September 2012


We visited Dorset for a few days and enjoyed lovely sunny weather.  We like steam trains so journeyed from Corfe Castle to Swanage and back.  We were lucky enough to sit in the observation car and on the way back were close up and personal with the steam engine.  The lovely chuff chuff noise reminded us of a panting dog!

We used the chain link ferry between Poole and Studland to visit some old haunts including waving "hello" to The Old Malthouse School (now closed) where my brother went to school.
Corfe Castle
The sea was a lovely blue and this view is of Chapman's Pool.


Elaine said...

What a wonderful way to travel - and the observation car looks very comfortable. Thank you for that beautiful breath of Dorset air.

Ms Sparrow said...

This looks like a lovely day trip. I would really enjoy tagging along with you!

Maggie May said...

Its beautiful round there. I love Dorset and the surrounding counties.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Gill - That British Woman said...

looks lovely,


BadPenny said...


BadPenny said...

Ah finally I can comment ! Thank you for visiting me ! This beautiful area we visited when we first moved to Hampshire eighteen years ago. It's not too far over the border. we never go now...must must must !!!