Friday, 19 June 2009

Tumultuous Terrifying Typhoons

Today we had a terrific afternoon at the friendly "AV8" cafe situated next to the Control Tower at Kemble Airfield. The reason why we were there - Kemble Airday takes place (over two days) this weekend. Lots of the planes were arriving, rehearsing and then landing - it was very busy - both in the air and at the cafe. We decided we had a better show than the paying spectators will experience. The aircraft (I gather from Husband) are not allowed within 50 feet either side of the spectator area, but we, the day before, were not considered spectators and the aircraft flew right overhead of us. The highlight was the arrival and display of two Euro-Fighter Typhoons - the noise was shattering, the ground shook, car alarms were set off - but what fun!

Somewhere in the cafe area was Husband with our neighbours.

Kemble control tower keeping everything in order!
We shall have a good weekend because our house back garden looks over the valley towards the airfield - we shall sit outside with a BBQ and a good bottle of wine and watch, amongst others a display by The Red Arrows and a Vulcan Bomber.
I am very amused - whenever I post about aircraft I receive no comments - surely I am not the only tomboy around?


Suburbia said...

Me first then!!

I have always wanted to go to Kemble air show and again this year, I have other stuff on so I can't go. Maybe next year.........

Hope you enjoy it lots :-)

Lindsay said...

Thanks Suburbia - perhaps meet up there one day?

Maggie May said...

It is exciting going to an air show! A bit noisy bit exciting!

mountainear said...

I don't think I'd ever, ever pay to watch aeroplanes but seeing them unexpectedly can be quite thrill.

Remember watching some little planes practising for an air show at Woodford near Manchester and thinking - to start with I was watching a plane in difficulties until it was joined by 3 or 4 others each looping the loop and swirling and diving. couldn't have had a better performance on the day.

word verification is red gin - sounds promising?

Lane said...

I love them. The Red Devils (and the other planes) flew directly over us the other day on their way to the Queen's birthday. They were so low and so loud. Thrilling!

Cathy said...

Hello Lindsay
In a previous life I had lots to do with with aircraft - was a quarters brat, then wife of Sgt so and so - comes from being born into a forces life and then marrying into the same life.
Planes flew over our homes on a regular basis, we heard them taking off, landing, doing engine runs and then saw air shows on open days. Life on a flying camp was noisy thats for sure:)
Dh now has rekindled his old life with gatherings of ex airforce servicemen here in Australia so once again its talk of aircraft and all that goes with them and visits to air shows and museums that play a part in my life again lol
Take care

Carol said...

We're debating whether to go along....

I've never been to an air show!!

C x

Mickle in NZ said...

Aren't free air shows great!

Two weeks ago I was up with my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary (D-Day).On the Sunday we had lunch at a restaurant down on Tauranga harbour. Across the other side of the harbour was the airport with an air show on comemorating D-Day.

We had a brilliant view!

I'm picturing you sitting out in your garden with good food and wine, watching it all in comfort. Enjoy.

Twiglet said...

Lucky you! We have spent lots of happy days at air shows over the years. Dad was in the RAF and my other half has a private pilots licence. We lived quite near Elvington in North Yorkshire and used to see lots of planes heading for their airshows - spitfires, hurricanes etc. Here on the Welsh border -not so many. have a great day!!