Friday, 23 October 2009

Digging Has Done Me In!

Last saturday Husband and I sauntered down to our local surgery for our seasonal flu jabs. At the ripe old age of 65 (not quite yet) we here in the UK are given, if so wished, a one-off pneumonia jab. I accepted this jab and thought nothing more about it. Later that day I energetically hoed some our of veg plot down the road from our house. My arm went mad with resentment and swelled up from shoulder to elbow in a large hot lump and it is no better today nearly a week later. With two wonky knees as well as a maddened arm I have only one useful limb left! I am getting quite frustrated at not being able to carry out my usual swimming or walking with my crutches - life is one long pain at the moment!


Maggie May said...

I can remember the pneumonia one was quite painful when I had it several years ago.
I have had an annual flu jab for several years but the one I had two weeks ago resulted in me having a low grade sore throat ever since & an achey kind of feeling in my limbs.
I suppose it is for our good!

Nuts in May

Suburbia said...

Hope the swelling calms down soon

I took Small Sprog for his fiurst flu jab and the anxiety made him vomit up his breakfast! Apparently he need a booster in 4 week because it is his first. I can't imagine how I am going to get him there!

Lindsay said...

Thanks all for comments - the arm is being tested today with a swim!

GooseBreeder said...

Hang in there it can only get better!