Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Why Must Men Barge!

This is a swimming rant!

I chucked my membership from the above gym and pool because of expense.  I now swim at our local leisure centre most mornings during the lane swimming session.  I do not swim in either the fast, medium or slow lanes because they are rather narrow and if some participants are swimming breast stroke one can get a  stray foot in the ribs.  Never mind the ribs - I mind terribly if I am hit on my knees - they might collapse in metal pieces!  So - I swim in the free area but have to keep weaving in and out so as not to get hit - I look up fairly often just to see that the way is clear.

Today was different!   The pool was unusually empty in the free zone today and I was making good progress to complete my thirty lengths.  I set off and about half way down the pool a man jumped in front of me swimming furiously - he kept his line and I had to swiftly veer out of his way.  The man kept up aggressive swimming complete with tumble turns - everyone else had to keep their distance.

I saw red!  The free zone often contains some very vulnerable people, some bad swimmers and truly disabled swimmers.   At the end of my stint I got out, complained to the young lifeguard who could not have been nicer but felt (I think because of his age) unable to speak to this guy, so I asked if I could - and I did.  I tapped the man smartly on the arm and suggested he swum in the fast lane as he was a very good swimmer.  I got excuses and more excuses.  I ended up shouting at him and wagging my finger like an old schoolmarm!! After I had changed and was leaving I met the lifeguard in the entrance hall and he informed me that the manager had been called - apparently this man is "known" to them.  I suddenly felt better!  I very rarely complain to anyone about anything.  I hope this guy never appears again in the free zone and if he does I will stop swimming but stand my ground!


Kelloggs Ville said...

Some people are very selfish.

Maa said...

Good for you ... speak up! Sue

Ms Sparrow said...

I love it! I'm so glad you stood up to him, not only for yourself but for all the others he treated so rudely. It isn't easy to confront bullies like that so you can feel very proud of yourself!

DD's Diary said...

Oh well done you! Terrible when people are so inconsiderate. I hope he'll behave from now on

threecollie said...

Good for you!I agree that what took place is a particularly nasty form of bullying and showing off. It took courage to stand up and I admire you for doing it.

Lou said...
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Lou said...

Sorry, I accidentally deleted my last comment which approximately read:

'Way to go Rosewood' [Quote from BevHillsCop in case you were wondering] it's a phrase Hubby and I use when we are overly proud of deed or action.I am proud of you. Were you shaky after your rant?

What a rotten man.