Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Benenden Bollard Bashers

Yesterday Husband and I decided to go to Bath. To achieve this we take a short cut to reach the Park and Ride at Lansdown. At short cut there was a tatty little notice that said "Road Closed for Road Cleaning - 9.30am to 3.30pm". The time was exactly 9.30am. Husband was ready to make huge detour - "No", I said, "It is still 9.30am". With that I jumped out of car and removed bollards - same thing at the end of the short cut. Voila! all done and dusted.

Climbed aboard to Park and Ride Bus and met by chance one of Husband's tennis doubles partners whom I have not met before. She said to me "I gather you went to Benenden". Then ensued a conversation about school etc etc. (I hated the place). She then complained how she had had to reach the Park and Ride area through streams of traffic. I said, in a loud voice, "Oh, I removed the bollards". There was a gasp and titters from many other passengers on the bus who had obviously suffered the same traffic jams.

At Benenden they taught you how to be independent and resourceful (forget about the lessons)!!


Ladybird World Mother said...

Nice one!! I would be the one going on the 12 mile detour so as not to displease anyone... will go for your way next time and Move the Bollards! Had a lovely weekend in and around Benenden about 11 or so years ago. conceived a child there... too much information??!

DayPhoto said...



Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Would love to have seen that Lindsay - I'd probably have been stuck in the traffic.

A x

Mickle in NZ said...

Very nicely done, dear Lindsay. Just the spirit!

Here is now Summer, so we have what my dear Dad calls "the dig up the roads schemes" in time for our combined xmas and summer holiday travel.

Keep warm over there, huggles,

Mickle in NZ said...

(btw - Mickle doesn't do driving. I fly above it all up to the folks for xmas)

love and huggles from me and sleeping Zebbycat, xxx purrrrrrrrrr

Lane said...

Love the title of your post!

And good for you:-)

blogthatmama said...

Great one Lindsay! I admire your daring..

Paula said...

Well done you! A girl after my own heart…

Incidentally my parents lived in Benenden for many year, they bought a house called Greenways back in the late 50s. It was just down about 500yds from the back school entrance towards the village.
I was embarrassingly made to play in the Benenden tennis tournament during the summer holidays...and I can't play tennis for the life of me!

Lakeland Jo said...

you are a girl after my own heart. Our school clearly taught the same values- be independent, and get it sorted! ( and never ever listen to men..)
I loved this post- brilliant.