Monday, 1 December 2008

Dancer, Prancer, Chancer . . . . . . . . Whatever!

It was the season of good cheer - it was the pub quiz night! The quizmaster was in festive mood and crackers were pulled and funny hats worn - not for us - they might have well been the dunce hats! Husband does not suit hats at all and looked suitably mad. All questions were Christmas related and you would have thought that our team of five wrinklies all over the age of 60 would at least be able to snap our brains into action. Not a bit of it! As usual a lot of the questions were about pop music and films - not our genre I'm afraid.

The quizmaster, due to work commitments, was unable to join in the local panto this year and was sorely missing it - so instead he performed his own "Christmas Carol" at the end of the quiz - all this entertainment for a £1 entry fee - a good community spirit in our village.

Oh well - I am pondering whether to join "The Eggheads"


Suburbia said...

Sounds a great night in the end though!!

Ladybird World Mother said...

We had our quiz night on friday.
One question was...
What film were the gremlins watching in the film Gremlins?
??? Eh? What?
Needless to say, we came second last.

DayPhoto said...

What fun things you do in Merry Old England!


Lane said...

Were you last again?:-)

Hope you check up went ok.

Malc said...

A Christmas Carol? All by himself?

word ver: tiling. I think someone's dropping hints.

Boyfromoz said...

Typical, as soon as my back's turned Bigfoot has published one of my photos! I'm not in the slightest surprised that her team bombed again - I'm surprised 'tho that her other team members hadn't relegated her to drinks waitress!
The word verification for this comment is worni - perhaps I shouldn't bring up the subject of cricket!
Pip Pip!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Sounds like a fun night all round and all for £1 entry fee - a bargain these days.

A x

VioletSky said...

These Pub Quiz Nights sound so much fun. I was ready to emigrate to England after my first visits to the pubs. This just reminds me once more why.

Liz said...

Sounds great fun.