Sunday, 30 November 2008

Turned Out Nice?

I think Not! In fact for the past couple of days in North Wilts the weather has been utterly miserable - the temperature not reaching above 2.5C, grey, north wind. In fact to be really grumpy - England rugby team did not perform well against Kiwis - but a better game than of late. Husband is upstairs playing very very loud "organ music" - am not a fan of this so I shall clamp wireless headphone to ears and listen to Radio 2 and struggle along with writing Christmas cards - oh bliss, oh joy. I shall enjoy my grumpy day somehow!


Linda said...

I take it the organ music goes just right with the weather??

Lane said...

Damp and very gloomy here too. And I haven't even started my cards.

Glad Jamie got back ok:-)

Denise said...

I can't help it, you made me smile from ear to ear. Do you remember those old Vincent Price movies where they used to open with the organ music? That came to mind first of all. I was/am a big Vincent Price fan, also Peter Cushing for that matter. I hope your weather improves soon. It's 41 degrees F. here and raining buckets! That photo made me smile too. Is it in your garden? No, I haven't started my cards either.

DayPhoto said...

We have been damp and gloomy but the sun is shinning today and I feel joy in my heart!

Happy Day to you, my blogging friend.


Malc said...

Did not perform well? That's a bit of an understatement. Martin Johnson has the look of a man parachuted onto the bridge of the Titanic and told to take charge moments after the collision with the iceberg. And to think I was worried about Ireland's chances in the Six Nations.