Thursday, 13 November 2008

I Couldn't Have Done That. . . . . . Could I?

We took Jamie for a meal at our local pub last night and sat by the roaring fire. Living in Australia, Jamie misses traditional pubs.

As you do, we started to remind each other of the past. Not a good idea after a few drinks! Apparently, according to Jamie, we two children hated our next door neighbour and I used to lob my father's 78 rpm records, frisbee like, over the garden fence! I really really do not remember anything about this - surely I would not be so naughty? Surely my father would have missed his precious opera collection of records? All I do remember is that if we got into any trouble, because I was the eldest, I got blamed for it!


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

How funny Lindsay - are you sure it wasn't Jamie who did the lobbing?

I love reminiscing - usually great fun.

A x

blogthatmama said...

Always the oldest's fault, still!

cheshire wife said...

I am the eldest and it was always my fault even when it was my younger brother who had done the naughty deed! Times don't change. I still get the blame for everything. Little brother can still do no wrong.

Suburbia said...

That built up a very funny picture. However if the 78's were opera then that was the best thing for them!! (Husband is a fan of opera but I'm not I'm affraind!)