Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Krazy Kitchen Kalamities

James (brother visiting from Australia) decided to show off his culinary skills. The delicious recipe was to be Chow Mein. Now, being a girl who really only likes standard type food, I was a bit dubious. James had made the kind offer - so he went ahead first asking me whether I had mustard powder in my kitchen cupboard to which I said yes. Off we went to buy the ingredients. Chicken noodle soup, cabbage, mince, onions, rice.

Came the day of the great cook up - what a cock up! He asked for mustard powder - he meant curry powder! Off to the shop again. The concoction began - I left him alone in the kitchen. When finally emerging from the kitchen hot and bothered James sounded dubious but blamed our UK cabbage!!! We have plenty of different varieties in the shops as everyone knows so how can you pick up the "wrong type". The chicken noodle soup, James proclaimed, was different too - I cannot argue with that one as I have never cooked with it before! Then the rice was wrong - actually he forgot to cook it and the dish ended up with a dollop of mashed potato.

As it so happened I have the dreaded gastric flu and was unable to sample this masterful piece of work (whew!!) but Husband said he enjoyed it.


Boyfromoz said...

I have to admit that it tasted pretty awful! The mashed potato was OK, though!

cheshire wife said...

I hope he cleaned up after himself.


oh no!!.. we all love dads Min, it really is the best! we always go back for seconds :)

missing you