Thursday, 13 November 2008

Who Needs The Crutches?

Yesterday afternoon just when Jamie's eyelids began to droop a little (jetlag) I decided a nice bit of fresh air will revive the poor creature. Off we set on a walk at a brisk pace - I took the opportunity to practice my best 'heel and toe' walking with my crutches. Halfway round Jamie started limping and stopped in the middle of a wet, muddy, narrow lane and took his boot off to examine his soft feet. Of course a car came whizzing around the corner and he had to hop using MY crutches to the edge of the road. We walked further on and then to my embarrassment he sat down in a driveway and took off boots (meant to be tuff ruff Aussie boots) and socks. I don't think OZ boots are made for walking!


Cathy said...

Well now Lyndsay, it depends how much 'walking' he actually does, which brand of walking/hiking boots he actually bought and where he bought them:))
Take care

Lindsay said...

Brother's boots are named "Oliver" 'since 1887'.
He purchased them at the local Sunday Market.

Pretty amazing they have lasted that long?

cheshire wife said...

OZ boots are probably not intended for our cold, wet weather.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Have a daily walk with him Lyndsay in our lovely English autumn weather and you'll soon toughen him up.

A x

Paula said...

I'm loving this bro/sis thing you've got going! Even to smartening up his blog act. It's great.
Have good walks and enjoy the rain...oz is suffering from years of dreadful drought isn't it? Paula

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Funnily enough my favourite boots are from Oz: Blundstone Boots. They're well recommended!