Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I Wish We Had Some Bread

Husband and I are incompatible when it comes to walking. Husband likes a two to three hour tramp most days, but I with wonky knees and a pair of crutches to contend with usually manage 40 minutes. I often go by myself down to the farm or the airfield or just around the village, sometimes our neighbour comes along with me. Today she and I drove to The Cotswold Water Park (a posh name for a large collection of gravel pits) which is five minutes away. I actually do not enjoy these gravel pits or "lakes" as they like to be known, I find man-made areas turned back to nature can be a bit harsh. However as these "lakes" were frozen over we decided to make a visit. We stood and watched these poor birds swimming round in a small circle of unfrozen water - they assumed we had something to eat for them and with wobbly legs they staggered over to us across the ice. Unfortunately their effort was unrewarded because we had forgotten to bring any food with us - we felt guilty.

It started to snow. Has anyone else noticed that the air smells different when it snows?


Linda said...

Poor birds but you got some great pictures Lindsay!

Boyfromoz said...

What you should be asking is whether anyone can distinguish between what you call dry rain as opposed to wet rain. I can understand dry or wet snow (smelly or otherwise) but rain? Methinks a letter to the Times might elicit a few responses, mainly from shrinks!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

They do have an uncanny knack of making you feel guilty don't they Lindsay, even if you take bread there never seems to be enough. Lovely pictures though. Will be glad when this spell of harsh weather breaks, if only for the sake of the birds. (Well the fuel bills as well).

A x

Lane said...

I think the air does smell different - sort of softer if that doesn't sound too mad.

Love the photos. Poor old ducks. They have tough time in winter.

Mickle in NZ said...

Ooo- so different from here in Wellington, NZ. Have been living here since age 4 (almost, almost 40 years ago - I'm counting the days) and have only ever once seen snow falling. I was then aged 26 and I was so excited I phoned my parents at about 10.00pm at night!

Wonderful piccies. Lindsay, please keep warm and cosy, especially those knee joints.

I'm so enjoying your posts. Care and snuggly warm huggles from NZ, Michelle and Zebbycat

Lindsay said...

Lane - Glad you feel the same, the rest of my family think I'm mad. I also distinguish between "dry" and "wet" rain!

Suburbia said...

It's a very interesting smell isn't it?

I used to go to those lakes in the summer. One had a little 'beach', and we used to BBQ there.

Glad you had a good day.