Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Sign of The Times (Part 2)

Apparently the two planes destined for scrap at Kemble have caught the imagination of locals. The "Cotswold Life" Magazine popped through our letterbox today and there in the middle pages was an article titled "Jumbo Graveyard for Elephants". Kemble Airfield is on a ridge so these two aircraft can be seen for miles around - they certainly look strange like two gigantic migratory birds blown off course. The article included a history of the airfield which has just survived a planning enquiry instigated by some locals (probably fairly new arrivals) because they did not like the noise! (What a waste of money). The airfield has been around for some 70 years and was used as a "ferry pool" for spares and supplies during the war.


Boyfromoz said...

.....and a great place for tea & cake on a bitterly cold day in November!

Cathy said...

Hello Lindsay
People like that make me angry - the ones who move to a place and then complain.
They choose to live at a place that has a train station or airfield near their home and has probably been there for many years. Its obvious these places are going to have some noise associated with them
Take care

Lane said...

Agree with Cathy. Don't like the noise, don't move there.
The planes must be a wonderful sight:-)

Lindsay said...

Husband drove past Kemble this morning and reported there is another big bird parked from Monarch.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I agree with Cathy as well, Lindsay. Long may the airfield continue to be the "end of the runway" for retired aircraft. A

Rachel Cotterill said...

I usually go through Kemble on the train - any chance I might spot these if I'm looking in the right direction?

Second what everyone else has said about not moving to a place and then complaining about something that's been there longer than you have.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I wonder what they will do with them, strip them down for spare parts maybe?

Gill in Canada

Lindsay said...

Rachel - no I don't think so. The railway runs north of the airfield and runs in a cutting! (I had to ask Husband - am terrible with my north, south, east and west).

Thanks all for your comments. We derive quite a lot of pleasure from the airfield. In my header photo, which is a view from bedroom window you can see the airfield on the horizon. We often visit the "AV8 Cafe" which is situated on edge of runway and watch the small aircraft, including helicopters, arrive and take off. Husband was in the RAF (one of the last conscripted personnel) and is a fount of knowledge!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

We get people like that here as well. They move into the village and then complain that the road outside is used by traffic and can't the parish council stop it?

I hope the chickens don't wake them too early!