Sunday, 22 March 2009

Cats Amongst The Pigeons

We have some very pesky amourous pigeons who will insist on trying to mate and then make a nest on our satellite dish . Oh no - we do not want this! My deterrent is my "cat -o- nine tails" flag - very appropriate don't you think? ( Click on photo to enlarge). The flag is actually normally flying on "Supatrike" as a deterrent not for dive bombing giant pigeons but to warn speeding drivers down our narrow village street that I really do exist and have the same rights of way as they do. See below!
This photo was taken by my brother on his visit to us from Australia last November. Just for anyone interested "Supatrike" is a mobility scooter that can travel at 8mph on roads, but also has a safety switch to limit the speed to 4mph on pavements. The pavements in our village are too narrow for my monster machine - anyway I like going "fast"!!


Mickle in NZ said...

Supatrike looks so much more practical than the mobility scooters available here.

Hmmm, I'm picturing you on a Harley Davidson Trike (like the one Billy Connelly used for his Aussie and then NZ tv series). Of course you would be wearing a leather jacket, with great style!

Good luck with the flag.

Sian said...

Oh I LOVE the cat o'nine tails! I wonder if the farmers here could use the design to scare off the flocks of geese from their newly seeded fields. You could patent the design! LOL!

Lindsay said...

Sian - if you "google" Raindrop Kites you can buy the flags there and they also make to order. They are not expensive either!

Mickle - you are quite right - my mobility scooter has a Harley Davidson look to the front end! These are not commonplace but I saw Supatrike at a mobility show which was being held locally on Kemble Airfield and I fell in love with it - it suits my image!!! We have just watched a new TV series presented by Billy Connelly where he travelled the breadth of Canada - the scenery was marvellous. Coming to NZ soon I expect!

Granny on the Web said...

I have plans to get a supa-trike as soon as my painful leg stops me from the short walk I can still do. Where I live it is very hilly. Where we go to 'shop' the roads are flat and scooters and the like prevail. It is so much fun to see people zooming around ( I use the word 'zooming' loosely)... and I believe there are plans for an annual convention of trikes and trolleys.
Love Granny

Maggie May said...

We have a lot of super trikes going up & down our main street on pavements and some of them are driven by maniacs! Have to watch your legs. I'm sure you're not like that!

Love your flags!

Suburbia said...

Damn pigeons are always 'at it' on our garage roof!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Sounds like a great idea for the pesky pigeons Lindsay - do hope it works. Here we have to try to deter seagulls! Loved your "I like going fast" comment! A

mountainear said...

That's just the flag I need to put up near the hen pen - there's a big buzzard sits in a tree above them and I'm not sure what his motive is. Just how predatory are buzzards?

Word verification is 'hicatt' - appropriate?