Saturday, 28 March 2009

Perilous Position

Husband and I do not like climbing ladders for different reasons. Husband cannot cope with heights and I find the climbing up and down difficult. We had a task ahead of us. We needed to coat the garage gable wall with aquaseal to prevent the driving rain penetrating the single skin (modern building techniques?) of the wall.

Husband brushed the evil smelling liquid into the lower half of the wall and I was assigned to the horrible ladder bit. I managed half way up but then decided downwards was the way to go! We ended up throwing cupfuls of the wall medicine at the gable apex - what a mess!!

Our neighbour (who is very handy with DIY) nearly killed himself laughing. We have been instructed to buy an extendable pole and a suitable roller - why did we not think of that? Because we hate DIY.


Maggie May said...

What a carry on! Yes the extended roller sounds more sensible!

Cathy said...

Hello Lindsay
Oh to have been a fly on the wall:))
As we get older (ugh) you have to be careful - I have that told to me so many times by sons and daughters - funny thing is none of them offer to come and do the work for us lol
Take care

Scriptor Senex said...

Thank you! I have got the same problem and it never occurred to me there was something you could coat it with. You don't fancy coming and doing mine now do you?

Lindsay said...

Scriptor - the purists would say obtain some expensive coating liquid (we did) that allows the wall to breathe. In future we will buy something cheaper like Thompsons Aquaseal. For a really permanent solution apparently Unibond really glues the little cracks in the mortar. Unless somebody knows different?

Gill - That British Woman said...

Like Cathy I would have loved to be a fly on the wall, albeit another wall.............bright ideas always happen after the fact......

Gill in Canada