Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Dodgy Rack perhaps?

My IT nerd appeared to help me with broadband just as it switched itself on again! The local post office and a few others in our village were affected - none with Virgin. My immediate neighbours were not affected either. IT Nerd said probably, just by bad luck, my phone line is probably plugged into a "dodgy" rack at the exchange. Try telling that to BT - they are not interested. Perhaps with a little bit of luck a BT engineer might just read this and leap into action at the Crudwell and Malmesbury exchange - you never know!


Kippers Dickie said...

No, perhaps not.
When I worked in telecomms. the offending part was known as an "SLU". We all have one at the exchange and it is short for "Subscribers Line Unit".
A rack will contain hundreds of these units. If one goes faulty they simply slide it out of the rack and just replace the unit.
Glad it's sorted out.
Regards... retired engineer.(Bernard)

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the info - yes I think we mean the SLU!