Thursday, 21 May 2009

Loads of Lochs

On our way to St. Fillans 9 hole golf course for Husband to play some of his erratic golf we drove the length of Loch Tay and very beautiful it was too! We stopped off at "Queens View". This is where Queen Victoria apparently stopped to admire Loch Tay. We did not bump into any "Royals" whilst we were there!

On another foray into the Highlands, Husband was keen to show me parts of the West Highland Way Long Distance Path which he had walked about five years ago enjoying the same fine weather. We drove down a narrow winding lane at The Bridge of Orchy to Invaroran passing Loch Tulloch to meet up with the path. I thought Loch Tulloch, although small, was the prettiest place we visited.

The colours of the new spring grass were a lovely pale green

We reached the backpackers hotel conveniently sited alongside the path. Hikers were wending their way down off the hill for a welcome drink.
That evening back at Killin we had a "howling good time". We were sitting in the bar of a local hotel having our evening meal, there were about six other couples doing the same, in walked a couple who were staying at the same guest house as us and they have a dog. The dog was very good and sat unnoticed under the table. An elderly couple arrived with an equally elderly pekinese. The two dogs noticed each other and started up a howling match. We all looked at each other and instantly all thought the same thing - we all started howling at the tops of our voices - the dogs were astonished and obviously horrified at our undignified behaviour they shut up!


Mickle in NZ said...

Oh, the last paragraph is hilarious. I'm imagining the shocked look on the 2 dogs' faces.

Super thanks for sharing this beauty, Mickle xxx

Carol and Chris said...

Hahaha, I can't believe that you all howled along with the dogs....that's just brilliant!!

C x

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I'd loved to have seen that - how funny. Looks like you are having a wonderful holiday, the view of the loch is spectacular. A x

Maggie May said...

Beautiful photos but what terrible behaviour! I am quite shocked! LOL

Liz said...

Just catching up. It all sounds gorgeous. WE were planning to 'do' Scotland this spring but somehow didn't get round to it! But seeing your photos makes me want to go all the more.