Saturday, 15 August 2009

Good Neighbours

My neighbour is an IT whizz kid and has kindly linked my PC to his internet connection wirelessly for the time being. I think it is 12 telephone calls I have made to Virgin now! There is a move underfoot in our village (fingers crossed if a suitable mast can be sited in a suitable place) to have a wireless broadband service. Rural communities are often forgotten when it comes to amenities - but never fear the peace of the countryside makes up for it in my opinion!


Jackie B said...

I know what you mean about terrible broadband connection (being a fellow Virgin user and country dweller). I wanted O2 which is cheaper, but they said they couldn't guarantee a good service! I said that's OK, I have terrible service now, but it's double the price! They still wouldn't supply it though.

Lindsay said...

Jackie - I looked into that option with O2 and they advised there would not be a good service - I am still battling with Virgin - have been off their system for a week now!

Maggie May said...

What wonderful neighbours. It is good to know there are still good kind people left in the world.

If you are still paying Virgin then I would wait for them to do something & I hope you get a rebate for time lost.
At least O2 were honest with you. I know someone who bought a mobile with them & it was useless.

Carol said...

We went with the BT home hub and I have to say that the service has been absolutely superb....might be worth having a look at?

Yay for good neighbours...they are worth their weight in gold!!

C x