Monday, 6 October 2008

Car Clutter

Taking stock of the things that travel with me in the car are:
Biro and Paper
Walking Sticks
Plastic Supermarket Bags
In the boot are my swimming things! I am too lazy of offload my swimming bag each day - the "Aqua Set" have discovered that if they leave their cozzies hanging over the back seat they are dry to use the next day - I also leave my pool shoes (size 10) and my washing kit to dry as well.


Linda said...

I'd say you are pretty neat and tidy!!!

blogthatmama said...

Top tips Lindsay! Must try that with my swimming costume. Blogthatmamax

Lane said...

That's very practical!

(and very neat:-)

Liz said...

pee wee?

Lindsay said...

A pee wee is the size of a coca cola tin but with a lid shaped to fit the contours of a female. When wishing to use - a pull on the base and it concertinas out to about 18 inches long - enough for a really good pee! The lid is watertight! I keep one in the car for emergency use should one get stuck on the motorway.