Friday, 31 October 2008

Weather Watching

Along with my computer crammed in a cubby hole under the stairs is my weather notice board. If you click on picture to enlarge you can see there is a picture which says "Cold" !!! Below it there is a meteogram which I download every morning - this is generated using our latitude and longnitude points - it is usually quite accurate. To the left the maps are of Europe showing the weather fronts and pressure for the next couple of days - this comes from a Dutch website - they "straighten up" the UK on the map, rather than the usual tilted appearance on a normal map of Europe. Far right are two weather predictions for the week from two amateurs I like to follow.


Jay said...

If I hadn't given Other Half a digital weather station for Christmas one year, I'm sure we'd have a notice board like that by now! He has a love/hate relationship with weather.

He likes it warm, calm and stable - he claims San Francisco has the ideal climate - but is endlessly fascinated by the vagaries of the world's climate.

DayPhoto said...

I heard on the radio yesterday that London was having snow! The first time (this early) since 1922 or so.

So much for global warming !?!?!


Suburbia said...

Seems there has been some extraordinary weather in Devon this week that hardly made the news but hale was 5 feet deep in places!

Jay said...

I saw the news about the hail in Devon! Scary stuff!

By the way, Lindsay, I tagged you! :)

Paula said...

May I borrow you for hay making next year please - it may stop my nervous weather twitch where I have umptytiddlyone sites up and check them continuously, relentlessly, without pause!