Tuesday, 7 October 2008

High In The Sky Trouble

I was amused by a snippet in the news this morning. As you can guess the item in question was certainly not financial news - there is nothing to be amused about on that topic.

Apparently Quantas had an 'in-flight upset' - well, the mind boggles. Perhaps all the passengers developed food poisoning and dashed to the loos all at once creating a weight imbalance, loo paper bulging out under the doors, sick bags taking the strain (sorry, Strine as it was a Quantas plane). On a serious note the plane landed safely and all was well - possible air turbulence.


Lane said...

What an image! And as luck would have it the first letters of the word verification for this comment are butt:-)

Boyfromoz said...

I'm glad that some Oz news filters through! By the way it's Qantas not Quantas - it stands for Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service (being the original area in which it operated before becoming national). Talking of strine, I'm surprised you didn't refer to passengers 'chundering' or going to the 'dunny'. Like in the UK, no doubt, in Oz some packets of frozen vegetables consist of chopped up carrots, peas, beans, corn etc called "Country Mixed Vegetables". Her Indoors insists on buying these packets despite the rest of the family exclaiming, on being presented with the vegies at mealtimes, "Oh God, not Country Chunder again"! Does 'Technicolur yawn' appear in your lingo?
I wouldn't touch Qantas with a bargepole - apart from one brand spanking new A 380, they seem to rely on a very aged fleet of 747's which keep breaking down.
Pip Pip!